059 934 2299: Tell me did you do it…?


075 527 5577: Quietly Yes

059 934 2299: Almost screaming. He was like my brother we grew up together played together went to the same school. All my life he protected me. How could you do this? When God made you he created a devil inside an angel. My parents are right people like you are scum filth not human you look like us but inside you are animals. Why did you kill my cousin?

                                      She breaks down and sobs

075 527 5577: Because he tried to kill me

059 934 2299: Shouting. You are lying he was never like that

075 527 5577: He shot Mer Cutio then would have shot me. I swear it is the truth I swear. Tell me to kill myself I will. Anything is better than being exiled from you. Not to see you not to hold you. Everything was so fast like a movie speeded up it was like I was outside it all and then he was dead. He was in the road on his back blood was everywhere and he looked like you. 


It felt like I had killed you.  


059 934 2299: Exiled?

075 527 5577: I am exiled.

                                              Long silence. 

059 934 2299: I can’t live without you. 

075 527 5577: If I stay they will kill me.


059 934 2299: I need to see you.