Tensions continue to rise in South Africa as the fighting between rival parties CAPU and MONTA continues to escalate. Yesterday at 14.00 Central African Time rioting broke out in Cape Town’s main shopping area. Senior members of both parties were involved. After police restored order two bodies were found. The first body to be formally identified was that of Themba Khuzwayo, a leading and radical CAPU member who has constantly been accused by MONTA of inflaming the situation in the country. The second body, which has now been identified, is that of another controversial figure Mer Cutio. Mer Cutio who has been connected with the inner leadership circle of MONTA was a close relative of the South African President. The President was under considerable pressure yesterday to authorise a death sentence in absentia on Romeo Montecchi, the alleged killer of Themba Khuzwayo. Many witnesses claim they saw Romeo Montecchi in what seemed to be a fit of rage repeatedly stab Themba Khuzwayo with what appeared to be a large hunting knife. However the MONTA legal team has forcibly disputed these accounts. They claim that there were serious extenuating circumstances and that Romeo Montecchi was acting in self defense. They also argue that the alleged stabbing by Romeo Montecchi took place after repeated provocation from CAPU supporters and only when Themba Khuzwayo had brandished a firearm and then shot Mer Cutio at point blank range. There is major concern in international circles that the President once again is appearing at best indecisive and at worst corrupt. By suspending the death sentence on Romeo Montecchi and exiling him it appears he is protecting the man who murdered his nephew’s killer. The rand has once again dropped against all other major currencies and is now at an all time low. The low exchange rate should for many tourists make the country an attractive destination but hotels throughout the country are claiming it is the worst December on record. A group of senior industrial and banking figures are to meet the President later to day to express their concerns.      

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