I would like to think that I am very simple person. I like fun, I joke around, I tell a few lies, but I hate being kept waiting.

I don’t do it to anyone so I expect it not to be done to me. Aimlessly twiddling my thumbs while waiting for a call that will never come is just URGH!!!

At least have the decency to give an excuse. If you don’t want to talk to me or can’t, then a simple text will do: “I-am-no-longer-coming”. That’s even shorter than a Tweet.

But no! People would rather you figure out things by yourself; sniff it in the air or watch which side the wind blows and you will be able to tell that the person is no longer coming.

I’m babbling, I know.

Sebastian stood us up. I say us because he had called and promised to take Sim and I out to the movies. He never pitched, never called, never texted. Now that meant I had to explain to Sim why we weren’t going anymore. I had nothing.

At least, I would have had something, an explanation of some sort, to give to the boy who kept asking me, “Is he still coming, Zee?”

The poor boy was so eager to go out that it had suddenly become an event of significance to him. He kept reminding me and mum, I had to tell him to lay it off or otherwise I won’t be going with him.

I do not blame him for the enthusiasm, he hardly goes out. As you can imagine, he is always locked in his room doing an assignment or an experiment; thinking he is going to be the next big thing in science. Focused young man he is, he needed a break from all of the books and fantasy world he lives in.

I get that unplanned things do happen and plans do get cancelled but a simple short SMS would have saved me the precious time I wasted waiting for him – not to mention the hours I spent just dressing up for tonight. You can only imagine the disappointment and embarrassment I felt as me and Sim waited for him.

I wonder if he knows how much twisting of arm it took me to be allowed to go out by mom. I doubt he even cares kodwa! Which gentleman still keeps a lady waiting in this era? That`s so barbaric.

Especially if they ‘claim’ to love this lady “so much they would give up anything to be with them”. Mxm! This must be the worst feeling ever: for someone to make you feel appreciated and cherished and then leave you hanging…

Phuck! This sucks and it hurts too. I won’t call him; he is the one who wronged me. I deserve an explanation at least. I am not asking him to apologize. All I am asking is for him to acknowledge that he’s done me wrong. He may keep his sorry but I demand an explanation of where we are going with this relationship.

It was enough for his mom to treat me like worthless trash, but for him to treat me like a doormat is just a blow I can’t take. I am taking my brother out and we are gonna watch a movie and enjoy ourselves. At least I’ll make sure Sim does.

ZZ xxx