Sebastian never told me that a good girl is an equivalent to being a slave. I swear being a good girl is such a difficult task to achieve, I feel like a fool acting in a movie of dumbs. I promised Sebastian that I would be a good girl and now I have to live up to my word. But I wonder how long this last.

I’ve been jumping through hoops trying to please mom and she has been acting as if she doesn’t even acknowledge the fact that I am trying. I feel like my patience is being tested on purpose and mom is enjoying every moment of it. I am only going to comply with this madness until I get my car keys back after that she can go to the devil and tell him I’m coming.

I just hope that by the time she decides that it’s enough, I would still be alive.

I made coffee for her this morning, and you know what she said: “I will grab something on my way to work,” such cheek! And I still wondered what might have happened to “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” but I didn’t ask her.

“Sometimes it’s better to say nothing,” that’s what Sebastian would say.

I guess I deserve the punishment, although I feel like I am being twisted against my will. Mom and Sebastian believe that I deserve it… And I wouldn’t even try to talk to dad to speak with her, he is still angry with me. This is the longest my dad has been angry at me.

I guess I really messed up. I wish I knew how to bribe my way out of this. Help, how do I soften my mom?

ZZ xxx