They thanked Garron and got back in the car. Airtime took out his cellphone. After a few seconds of tapping, he showed the screen to Sbu.

“Is this her?” he asked.

On the screen was a picture of Adelle in a sparkling black evening gown, with a red curtain behind her. She was smiling. It looked like she was at some kind of award ceremony.

“That’s her,” said Sbu.

K8 looked over Airtime’s shoulder.

“Adelle Mateja… French movie star… The lead actress in the film ‘Les Pyrenees’… Wow, Sbu! You made out with a film star!”

“Give me that,” said Sbu, and took Airtime’s cellphone. He read through the web search.

It was true. There was a news report from the Daily Eye about how she was in South Africa to research her role in a new movie, and a lot of other articles, mostly in French.
“This is great,” said K8. “We should try the hotel again.”

“Why?” said Sbu. “We’ve already tried that.”

“But maybe she’s there under a false name. Stars do that all the time. Especially if they’re being pestered by reporters,” said K8.

Sbu agreed that it was worth a shot.

They drove to the hotel. K8 wanted to stay in the car with Airtime, so Sbu could meet Adelle alone, but Airtime said he wanted to meet a film star, and this might be his only chance. In the end they all walked up to the Azure hotel reception desk together.

“Hi,” said Sbu to the receptionist. “We’re looking for one of your guests. We have her cellphone.” He showed her the picture of Adelle from the internet.

“Oh, her!” said the receptionist. “Of course. Let me just call up to her room. What’s your name?” Sbu told her, and she picked up the phone and dialled a short number. “Hello!” she said. “There’s someone called Sbu here who’s got your cellphone… Uhuh… sure.
Okay.” She put down the phone, and smiled at Sbu. “They say come on up. It’s room 308.”

They took the lift up, and found the room. The door was open, so they walked in.

In the middle of the room, on a chair, was a big man in a leather jacket. Under it was a bulletproof vest, with a Hyena painted on it.

“Close the door behind you,” he said.

WHAT DO YOU THINK? Adelle is a film star. Who’s your favourite celebrity, and why?