“So, where are you keeping her?” asked the man.

“Who?” said Sbu. “Adelle?”

“Don’t play games!” the man said, standing up. “You took her phone, then she goes missing. I know how this works. You’ve got her.”

“What?” said Airtime.

“We don’t,” said K8.

“How did you get that?”

“She left it with me,” said Sbu.

“Lies man. You stole it.”

“I didn’t!”

“Take a seat!”

The man grabbed Sbu in his meaty hand, and shoved him down into the chair.

“Back when I was in the police, we learned ways of getting information out of people pretty quickly. You’re going to tell me where she is right now.”

The man took something out of a holster. At first, Sbu thought it was a gun. But it was thicker and stubbier, with metal spikes on the front. A taser.

“Tell me!” said the man.

With all his strength, Sbu kicked him in the shin. The man toppled forward onto him, and spread out his hands to catch himself, dropping the taser. The chair fell backwards under the weight of the man, and Sbu was crushed. The man got his arm over Sbu’s throat, and pushed.

“Get off me!” Sbu croaked.

K8 grabbed the taser off the floor, and fired it at the back of the man’s neck. He went rigid, and started shaking. Sbu pushed himself free from under him.

“Run!” he said.

They clattered down the stairs, out into the parking lot, and to K8’s car. K8’s phone started ringing.

“Ja?” she said, answering it as she started the car, and drove to the exit. “Ja! So do we! All right. Okay. See you soon.” She hung up.

“Who was that?” said Sbu.

“Song. She says she needs our help.”

“Is she okay?” asked Airtime.

“I don’t know,” said K8. “She just told me an address, and asked me to pick her up.”
It got darker as they drove into town. Traffic sprung up, and they were in the city centre. K8 tapped her fingers on the steering wheel impatiently.

“So, Adelle’s missing,” said Sbu.

“Any ideas why?” said Airtime. “Like, the crazy stalker?”

“Could be.”

K8 turned a corner, and pulled the car to a stop.

“We’ll worry about that later,” she said. “We’re here.”

They were at the street corner where Songezwa said they should pick her up. They looked around, and saw her sitting in a doorway. It was lined with pink neon lights, and had a tatty carpet leading in. It was a strip club.


  • What do you think of places like strip clubs? 
Why do you think the man in Adelle’s hotel is room looking for her?