Sbu belted the ball up the pitch to the striker, who kicked it into the goal. Mfundo and K8 were cheering from the sidelines, and holding up a torn white sheet spray-painted with the words: “SBU – KICK IT THRU”. Sbu shot them a grin.

At the beginning of the game, the other players gave Sbu strange looks, because it was just a normal game at the club, and no one else had crazy fans cheering them on. But K8 and Mfundo’s enthusiasm was infectious, and by the end of the match even the other team was grinning.

The ref declared the end of the game, and the players came off the pitch looking for their water bottles. K8 and Mfundo made themselves popular by handing out naartjies.

“Great game!” said K8, to Sbu as he walked up and picked up his sports jacket from the bench.

“For sho,” Mfundo agreed. “You were shooting up and down the pitch faster than a bullet. Serious. Bullets were standing aside to get out of your way. I saw one bullet saying ‘Did Sbu just run past?’ And another one just said ‘Duck!'”

K8 rolled her eyes. “Do you ever stop talking?” she said.

“Never!” said Mfundo. “I can talk all day. Just call me ‘Airtime’.”

Sbu laughed at them, and caught a naartjie thrown by K8.

“Where’s Songezwa?” he asked.

Songezwa was the final member of their crew, but they hadn’t seen her for a few days.

“No idea,” said K8. “Why?”

“Some dodgy guy came up to me after school and told me to give her this.” Sbu searched through the pockets of his jacket, and took out a thick envelope.

“What is it?” said Mfudo. Sbu shrugged.

“We can ask her at the party, if she comes,” said K8. “You two are coming, right?”

One of K8’s rich friends, Bulana, was having a party that evening, and it was going to be huge.

“Am I coming to the party?” said Mfundo. “I AM the party! I just need a place to happen!”

When they’d finished eating, Sbu, K8 and Mfundo made their way to K8’s car.

At the top of the stands, hidden out of sight behind a pillar, Songezwa silently watched them leave.

WHAT DO YOU THINK?┬áThe crew’s friend Songezwa is hiding from them. Any idea why?