The roads around Bulana’s house were clogged with cars. Most were from guests to the party. K8 had to park her car more than a block away. Even at that distance, they could hear the bass thumping from the party’s sound system.

Sbu and Airtime had been to a lot of parties with K8, who was always taking them to the latest events around town. They’d first met her two years ago, at an exhibition at the community centre. Sbu’s school was showing off the best work from their art class, and one of Sbu’s pictures was on display. When he’d gone to see it, K8 was outside the building painting a landscape on one of the walls.

He liked her style, which was a mix of normal graffiti and stencilling, but he didn’t say anything until Mfundo barged up and started chatting to her. Mfundo invited her inside to see Sbu’s painting, which was a charcoal picture of his grandmother. K8 liked it so much that she invited him to help her finish the mural. At the end of the day they split the pay for the job, and K8 invited him to paint another wall with her the next weekend. He agreed.

Since then they’d been a crew, painting all over town, and Mfundo and his classmate Songezwa joined them as their graffiti skills improved. They were always going to new places and meeting new people. But they’d never been to a party like this.

Sbu didn’t really know who Bulana was, but he was clearly rich. His house was two stories high. There was a wide balcony looking out over the ocean, and a pool on the ground floor. For the evening, there was a bar with free drinks and a DJ was spinning disks. All around were couches where couples were chatting, or making out.

K8 went off to say hi to Bulana, and Mfundo headed for the dance floor by the pool to dance with every girl he could find. “Call me Airtime!” he told them. Sbu was left to himself. He was going to go down to make sure Mfundo didn’t cause any more trouble than usual, when he looked across the balcony at the most beautiful girl he’d ever seen.

What’s the best party you’ve ever been to?