There is no better way to end the two months break from school than to spend the last days with the one who means everything to you. Especially now that we won’t be spending much time together. However, I did tell him as a matter-of-fact that he should also take a chill pill and stop pulling all those stunts he pulled last year; acting like a brat. A spoilt-brat, for that matter.

I mean, he knows how much I’d give just to spend time with him, but if I can’t help it that I have duties at home like any “normal girls” is meant to, hard luck for him then. He is a fourth year Law student and should understand that even better!

“C’mon Zee, you know that sometimes I miss you so bad that I feel like I am losing myself. You are a good addiction, my dear, my doctor’s prescription pill,” he said naughtily, and beaming at me like a small boy.

“Words of flattery won’t get you anywhere Mr Sebastian!” I said teasingly.

“You know I mean what I say Zee and I…”

“…say what I mean!” I finished off and we both laughed. We know each other that well now; we can even finish each other’s favourite phrases. I can tell what he is thinking by just looking deep into his sea-blue eyes – it’s like staring through his soul.

And just at that moment of locked gazes and strong eye-contact someone almost spoiled the fun for us. Who else could it be if not his mom’s lap dog, Sunnete, the baby momma! She called and Sebastian was at first reluctant to answer it. It rang, rang, and rang and she was irritatingly persistent not to hang up.

It rang until I became a bit annoyed: “Are you going to answer it or must I answer it for you?” my voice was cold.

“Ag Zee! You don’t have to be so mean,” he said standing up to answer the call. I don’t know if I’d have rather had him answer it in my presence or not! What do side-chicks do when they are confronted by such episodes in their little dramas?

And how typical is it of guys to try to avoid things hoping that by God’s miracle they’d eventually go away. He is lying to himself if he thinks that his baby momma can just disappear into space and be non-existent just by him not answering her calls.

That’s a dream he’d have to snap out of; coz although I have not made peace with all this, I am however not lying to myself, – “ being realistic” as some would like to put it – I know and understand that she, this Sunnete chick, will always be a prime character in our play.

I’ve made peace with that at least! He needs to follow suit!

And you can already guess why she called: the baby is sick, (must that always be the excuse though?).

Why not just say; “Hey Sebastian we… I mean… I… miss you; just needed to hear your voice blah, blah, blah!”? Why use your child to advance your own personal gain? That’s the exact game that mom and dad usually play! I’ve gotten used to it!

All in all, we had the greatest time of all times today. Now it’s time we go back to school! I’ll miss spending time with him and seeing that sexy, slow smile that made me fall for him those months ago. He has always been a charmer; I understand why Mercia won’t let go of him…

Enough about that now, I gotta bounce there’s an outfit to fix up for tomorrow and enough sleep to catch!

Toodles, Zinzi loves you guys!

ZZ xx