The weeks roll by. Just about every Friday or Saturday night there is a party somewhere. I am invited to a few. Others I gatecrash along with Musa, Tshepo and a few pals.

Kebone likes me. A lot. I am aware of it, because she’s forever touching me these days. My arms, my thighs. “I see soccer’s turning you into a real isigora [beefcake],” she whispers in my ear one morning during break. She runs her tongue over her lips.

“Things getting serious between you and Kebone?” Tshepo asks me as we head towards the classroom after break.

“You’d love to know, wouldn’t you?” It’s not really an answer. Tshepo can draw his own conclusions.

“She’s after his bod,” says Musa. He raises his eyebrows teasingly. “It’s time akuzwise kancane [to get serious/go to 3rd base], Nathi.”

I know what he means.

“I’m just waiting for the right moment, mfana [boy]!” I say, laughing. But inside I am not laughing.

Inside I am worried.

WHAT DO YOU THINK: Should Nathi listen to Tshepo?