There was nothing wrong with the kiss, I say to myself later that night as I lie in bed. Alone.

Outside the stars are barely moving in the dark sky.

There was nothing wrong. It was a great kiss.

Kebone liked it.

I liked it.

That’s how it was supposed to be. Warm, wet.

Tshepo had gaped at us and Musa had come up to me afterwards to congratulate me. He had called me a bull. Maybe a stud bull, I don’t remember now. The other guys were making such a noise.

Musa is now the captain of the second soccer team. Maybe captain of the first team next year, even though he’ll only be in Grade 11. I’d also like to run out for the first team next year. As a left winger. If Musa and I become close izimpintshi [pals/okes], that could very well happen.

I smile. First team! Ubaba’s [father] shirt buttons would pop off with pride if that happened.

But there’s also something my ubaba [father] will not be so proud if he finds out …

QUESTION: Do you also want your parents to be proud of you?