Somewhere out there, there’s another Anne Booysen being raped by a friend. There’s a Head of Department in a police station praising his sergeants for a job well done (whatever that job may be). There’s a politician trying to win votes by promising women jobs. There’s a sister somewhere sleeping with her boss to get a promotion.

There’s a husband or boyfriend mediating on better ways to kill his woman. There’s a young woman out there whose circumstances force her to sleep with a man she hardly loves or knows – where the option of using a condom is not negotiable.

And before you finish reading this line, there’s a high possibility that some woman could be raped or murdered. She could be your sister, your wife, your mom. That’s the irony of Women’s month.

Somewhere in South Africa right now at this moment there is someone celebrating the wrapping up of women’s month. What is there to celebrate when women are still a synonym of weakness?

You can see it everywhere!

This idiot (regrettably somebody’s father) was in conversations with a guy in a taxi. He had just received a Whatsapp message from the mother of his child (hopefully former girlfriend) reminding him of the kid’s maintenance money. He, being the idiot that he is, was angry that she had done this, arguing that he is not an idiot to forget his child.

He claims that she just wants the money to do her hair and what-not. Are you freaken kidding me? The idiot went on to say that his plans were simple for the weekend: to booze like there was no tomorrow! No mention about seeing the kid or buying something for him.

Let’s do a quick assessment of the sitch, shall we?

This woman has been with this guy for however long and she clearly knows his habits by now. She knows that he has a mental case; temporary amnesia when it’s payday, towards his son. Now was she wrong in putting her son’s needs first by reminding him of his responsibilities? Or was she undermining his manhood by implying that he is a careless dad?

You be the judge!

But from his rants, the ideology that men are really symbols of strength became questionable. And that is just the exercise of the little, internal strength. If he is failing at that, then how much more on the bigger issues?

No man who is strong – mentally – would rape a child of four months! No thinking man would sleep with a woman to give her a promotion or to secure her job!

And as if we have not been subjected to prejudice enough, there is still the case of polygamy (I’m not pointing any fingers to any heads of state). Why a man can marry more than one wife is still a conundrum to me. It’s appalling.

It’s the same as when girls are called bitches when they date more than one guy at a time and boys are praised when they do exactly the same thing. Yes, I’m pissed! I’m ranging! I’m a woman!

So before you go out there with your mini-skirt and high-heels, singing along to Beyoncé about who runs the world, behold sister; the world is ruled by monsters. Beyoncé must have lied to us because in true fact we, women, are not runners or rulers of the world.

Someone judged the situation very well when she said that “Most problems of women start with men – MENopause, MENstruation, MENtal breakdown.

“The woman was made of a rib out of the side of Adam; not made out of his head to rule over him, nor out of his feet to be trampled upon by him, but out of his side to be equal with him, under his arm to be protected, and near his heart to be beloved.” Matthew Henry

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