What’s happening to my life? Why should things fall apart? I really don’t know why I should be going through all this. Don’t I deserve to be truly happy once in a while, like everyone else?

Just when I thought nothing could go wrong; that finally at last there was peace and stability in my life, life deals me yet another blow! Just when I thought that I had found myself the treasurer of my heart, then some dunderheads who were drunk at the pub thought it was a good idea to pull their guns out and act out a scene from one of Van Damme’s movies. And my poor baby was caught in the cross fire, now he is fighting for his life in ICU.

I know he will pull through. He is a fighter, he will hold on to life. And to make matters worse I am not allowed to see him. Apparently only family is allowed to see him in ICU. “Hospital policy,” the nurse said to me not even waiting to hear my explanation.

The bit of mean attitude that the nurse gave me is nothing compared to the one his mother dished out for me. She’s such a drama Queen not even Nontle’s antics can stand this woman’s. She doesn’t want any association with me. As if I would steal Sebastian from her, I actually think she is the one who told the nurses not to let me in.

She is a real monster; the type that thinks no girl will ever be good enough for her son. More especially if she is black. She didn’t say that but I could see it from the way she looked at me. She looked at me as if scanning a product for it’s worth. Made me feel like a cheap floozy!

Michaela, his little sister, has been keeping me up-to-date about his state of health. She’s been very kind to me; she says I should not mind her mother that it’s only stress that’s making her act so mean towards me. She is the only link between me and Sebastian and I really hate having to settle for second-class worth of information. But what else can I do when the mother hates me for no reason.

She doesn’t realise that this is not the time to be pulling in different directions (like the Mandela’s have done) whilst Sebastian lies helpless in the hospital. We need to unite for him, obviously we both love him and he love us both, so there needn`t be factions.

ZZ xxx