I’m sure you’re all too familiar with the term “Yebo”? Directly translated, you’re saying “Yes.”

Dictionary.com defines yebo as a “Southern African informal expression of affirmation.”

Yebo comes from the isiZulu language, and like with many other South African languages, it is easy and fun to use certain words, despite not being able to speak the language fluently. 

Yebo is used informally,  and with people you are familiar with. You can’t be responding with “Yebo” to your boss unless you’re quite close to them.

Example scenarios:

When a friend asks you, “Have you seen the latest episode of Love is blind?” your response is “Yebo.”

“Wanna go to eat out?” asks your partner. You excitedly respond, “Yebo, yes.”

“Did you finish your homework?” asks your classmate. You respond, “Yebo!”

I hope you’ll have fun using the word yebo, if you haven’t been in the habit of using it already. Until our next word of the word, keep learning and reading.


Tell us: In what context do you usually use yebo?

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