A win for one is a win for all. That is especially the feeling when the phrase “City girls are up” is used. Women hype each other up all the time; if you go to their comment sections on social media, it would most likely be filled with other women complimenting each other.

Comments like “Yasss sis, you killing it” or “That outfit is fire!”

The phrase works in situations like that, when women are celebrating each other’s wins as their own. The other’s success makes them feel they can also succeed.

The phrase originated from TikTok new age slang, especially when women were standing up for themselves against men. It doesnt only refer to girls living in the city; any girl from wherever in the world can use the phrase to empower themselves and the women around them.

So go on and hype others and tell them: “CITY GIRLS ARE UP!!” 

Tell us: Have you used the phrase “The city girls are up”? If not, when would you be most likely to use it?