Done speaking and someone asks if you have something to add, but you are definitely finished speaking? Well, we have just the word for that in IsiXhosa. Qha in direct translation to English, means ‘only’. But it can be used differently in different contexts as well.

Qha – used as only.
“I went to buy sweets, qha.”

Qha – used as but.
“I went to buy sweets, qha I met up with my friends on the way,”

Qha (qwaba) – used as Periodt (slang for when something is final)
Periodt is usually used as an interjection; it shows a statement or a thought that is final. In IsiXhosa we say ‘qha qwaba’ meaning that something is final.
e.g. “I don’t owe any money, and I will not pay for anything, qha qwaba.”

Tell us: Do you have a word that is used the same way as qha, in your language?