Matric is the last year of school; after going to school for 12 years, it feels like your entire life. Matric year is as much a year of hardcore exams determining your future as it is a year of closing a chapter. Making memories during this time is essential because you will never get that time back. There are no time machines or do-overs, and as cheesy as it may sound now, memories will be the only thing that will last forever. 

This is why having a ‘Matric Bucket List’ may be what you need for your last year in school. What is a bucket list? According to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, it’s a list of things one has yet to do before a particular time or significant event passes. 

We asked ten teens in Cape Town who are in matric this year to share what they would like to do, and this list is based on what they had to say. (We chose the goals that were mentioned the most.)

We present to you a curated Matric Bucket List from the small group:

  • Pass with distinctions – Your matric results determine your future; many fear not passing with high enough marks to apply to good universities. 
  • Go to your matric dance – Lights! Camera! Action! The dress, the suit, make-up, shoes, cars, posing, eating and dancing the night away all make it a memory worth creating.
  • Live a little – Matric has to be the most pressure-filled year; keeping up with friendships and relationships will be hard, and making time for that will not be a priority but most want to experience firsts, like their first kiss, first girl/boyfriend, their first party, or their first dance. 
  • Make time for self-care – Mental and physical health during this time is essential. Some teens interviewed shared their mental struggles and lack of coping mechanisms. They want to take better care of themselves but do not know how to start. (You can find some tips here)
  • Buy a matric jacket – What will the design be? How much will it cost? Can I afford it, and how much do I need to save to get it? These are some of the questions some matriculants have; it’s a significant piece of clothing and will be a tangible memory you keep to remember your matric, so buy that jacket.
  • Gain school respect – An unexpected one on the list, but some mentioned wanting to be great role models for younger grades and be a respected class of 2023 within the school. Some see that happening through being chosen to be a class rep or doing better in school activities like sports. 

Suggestions from those who have passed their matric years:

  • Take as many pictures as possible
  • Post your memories on social media as a keepsake
  • Buy that matric jacket –  it’s worth every rand!
  • Kiss all the boys, even if you are a boy yourself!

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Tell us: What would you add to this list?