Student Life
Fitting in and hanging out in high school
2 weeks ago
Wanting to fit in makes you human; as much as people preach that we should embrace our uniqueness, it’s hard when we live in environments that tend to exclude you for being unique. High school is one of those environments. You are surrounded by cliques that form because of the rampant desire to fit in.…
Student Life
Matric Ball
4 weeks ago
One thing that I always looked forward to and dreaded at the same time was my matric ball. I looked forward to it because it was the only time that you’d really get dressed up, besides your wedding – if you’re into that. I dreaded it because I was incredibly shy and knew that all…
Student Life
Email etiquette 101
2 months ago
One of the things we begin to understand as a student is professional etiquette. This prepares us for the world of work and covers various imperatives – from what we wear to the way we communicate. Email forms part of work communication, and while it might seem a relatively unimportant component, believe me when I…