It’s that time of year, holiday break. I bet you’re excited and can’t wait to kick back and chill. Well that’s how I always felt when the university or school year was over; pure bliss.

The holidays are a time for many things and opportunity for many too. Some students go back home if they live far away, and they finally get to see their family after many months. Some decide to chill and sleep all day and others may decide to work.

I remember my final year in university, my last holiday. It was like a bitter sweet moment because yes I’d finally enter the adult world so to speak, but I’d miss the holidays and the encounters that I had with my university friends.

In university you usually know whether you have passed the year or not, by late October or November. This somehow determines the type of holiday you’ll have, either happy or not so much. But let me just say that because you failed doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go back the following year and try even harder. Never give up!

Working during the holidays

For some students chilling isn’t part of their plans for their holiday. Some students have to work, whether that be for a little extra money for the following year or they may be financially fending for themselves. I commend these students in every aspect. They push their limits and are so determined.
I worked for one month in my entire university life. I applied as a data-capturer and it was by no means a glamourous job, but it helped me to save up for a trip that I was dying to go on for ages.

June holidays are the exception

This is a little side note. When it comes to June holidays, let’s be clear, that can be some tricky terrain. Most lecturers still send off work for their students to do and Busi and I were no exception. June was a time to usually do a few assignments for the upcoming semester. So when the December holiday rolls around, it’s even more exciting because then we have absolutely no work to do.

Time for reflection

I think that your school or university December break is also a time to reflect on your past academic year. Find where you slacked and where you think you may be able to improve.

For instance:
• If you’re a procrastinator, then try and work on that by working with your time more wisely in future.
• If you think you could find a more convenient travel route, then potentially think about that too for the following year.
• Think about the future, don’t overspend during the festive season. We all know January is registration period and the last thing you want to do is run around for money in January.
• Think about where you’re headed, maybe not exactly the following year, but even 3-5 years from now.

Whatever you decide to do or sometimes have to do for the holidays, simply enjoy it. You may never get the time to do it again once you enter into the working field. If you want to go swimming, hiking or go to the cinema then do just that. Time waits for no man as they say, and it couldn’t be any more true.


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Tell us: What do you do during your break from school or university?