“Cause if you liked it, then you should have put a ring on it,” Queen B sings in her hit song single ‘Ladies’. This song is an anthem for all women looking to have secure relationships, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But in reality, romantic relationships don’t bring all the fulfilment: there are divorces, there are break-ups, and there can be lonely people in couples. 

Singlehood is okay. Being single doesn’t mean you are lonely or broken. It doesn’t mean people don’t want love, but it also doesn’t mean they are actively looking for it. Some people have decided to refrain from actively looking for romantic relationships. It may be many factors, but just because people are single doesn’t mean they are lonely. 

Valentine’s day is the day of lovers; it can be an unwanted reminder that you are single. Red roses are everywhere; people get cards, declarations of love and the fantastic feeling of bringing back the love. We asked some single people what they would be doing the day of ‘love’.

Netflix and chill – “I will be inside my blankets and binging a series from my watchlist. I just got out of a long relationship, so being single still feels comforting. I have never been single this long (has been single for a year), and I am not looking for love anytime soon.” 

Read a book – “I am reading the Harry Potter series, and I don’t care to celebrate capitalism wrapped up in a pretty red rose.” 

Learning to be alone – “Why should I be single in a certain way on valentine’s? I will do what I usually do daily: work, clean, eat, watch, and sleep. It’s just another day, and I don’t know why my singlehood has to be highlighted. I am content enjoying any normal day as usual, alone.”

Taking yourself out – “I don’t enjoy being single, so I deal. I usually take myself out during the day, and I do it every valentine’s if I am single.”

Spending time with other singletons – “I usually go out with my single friends, and we have a blast.”

Valentine’s day is the celebration of love, but singletons worldwide will deal with loneliness, loss and even heartbreak, while some singletons will celebrate their singlehood. 

The day means something to some and doesn’t mean anything to others. 

Tell us, how will you be single this Valentine’s? 

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