I have noticed some seriously bad habits that people have been doing while shopping. People do the strangest and ugliest things while shopping, and in this blog I want to expose those habits. If you identify with any of these, please stop doing it. Shopping is meant to be an enjoyable experience for everyone so why ruin it for the rest of us.

I am not insulting anyone, but trying to provide a learning experience for all.


The first people that I am going to mention are the people who buy clothes, wear them to a function, and then return them the next day with some excuse so that they get their money back. The clothes come back dirty and sweaty and sometimes with make-up marks. The people who do this, in most cases, cannot afford the items, but still buy it any way so that they look good for the event. I think that these people have no regard for the well-fare of the next person. Most Shops do not wash them before retuning them to the stands. So please, stop doing it and also the stores need to check their clothes and make sure they are clean. No one wants to buy dirty clothes.


Have you ever tried on shoes in a store and found them dirty inside? I have, and it’s not nice. Some people go and try on shoes knowing fully well that they have dirty feet or that they did not wear socks that day. This not only makes the shoes dirty but stinky too. When you go to try on shoes in store, please make sure that your feet are not dirty or stinking. And store managers need to make sure that their employees clean the shoes at the end of the business day to ensure that the shoes remain in factory shape for purchasing. If you are doing this, stop it.


Another unhygienic thing people do is use the lipstick testers on their lips without making sure that it is clean. Do you know how many people walk in stores every day and try on make-up? Now imagine all those skin pigmentations that you aren’t even aware of and then you use the same tasters as someone who has them. I have seen some people do their full on make-up in store then walk out without even buying the products. And they don’t even bother to clean the things they have used. Use the testers on your hand and not straight on your lips or face, because you never know who has just used it and what skin problems they might have.

There are many other gross things that people do while shopping and my suggestion is:
Wash the clothes you bought before wearing them.
Clean the shoes before you wear them; you don’t want to get foot fungus.
Clean the make-up before use if it is not sealed when you buy it.

And for the people who do these bad habits, please stop and consider the next person who is actually going to buy the product.

I hope you found this blog insightful and do leave me your comments and suggestions below. #keepitclean

Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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