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Guess what? Summer is finally around the corner and it’s time to shop for bikinis and all the summer preps. But first thing first, yep you guessed it. It’s time to work on your body and make sure that you are ready for summer.

I know we all binge in winter and expect to look flawless in summer lol 🙂 But you won’t be looking flawless if you don’t start working on yourself now. If you want that bikini to look beautiful on you, you got to start taking care of yourself now. So this week I will be giving you some fitness and diet tips to help you start the process, and fingers crossed, you will be looking good when December comes.

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Detox time

I know most people get put off by the word detox because they think that it means you now have to diet and go through really extreme measures to look the way you want. But let me just tell you, detoxing is the best thing you can ever do for your body.

We are constantly exposed to harmful toxins every day of our lives, so it’s important to detox so that we help our immune system to be able to fight the germs that we come into contact with. Detoxing doesn’t mean a full on change of lifestyle, I mean that would be perfect but let’s face it, not all of us can do that huge transformation. But you can begin by a simple routine of drinking enough water every day, drinking lemon in water as it flashes out toxins. Replacing sugar with honey, eating fresh veggies and fruits and staying away from harmful things like caffeine and alcohol or have them in moderation.

Detoxing your body is not limited to just the inside, you also need to detox the outside. Recently I did a blog called Natural Beauty which was basically giving tips on healthy things you can do to help your body. So in detoxing you need to also take care of your skin, hair and even what you wear can affect your body. Now that summer is around the corner you need to avoid being in the sun too much as that will prevent you from getting skin cancer and other skin pigmentation you can get by being exposed to too much sun.

Since this is a fashion blog I can’t not mention how the type of clothes you wear for summer can affect your body. So start investing in lose fitted clothes and also get comfortable, bring out the maxi dress and the light material kimonos. Remember your body will be sweating a lot and you don’t want to be in the sun wearing tight jeans and black everything. Get yourself some colour in your next shopping trip and don’t forget to use the tips that I give you in the blog Shopping made easy as they will really help you out.

Fitness time

I know not too many of us like exercise including myself, but what I love about summer is that exercise is not limited to indoor gyms. But now that the sun sets later in the evening you can go for walks and even go hiking to get your body feeling good. I’m not gonna lie, you will need to exercise your muscles in order to get to the body size you want for this summer, so why wait for December when you can start now.

If you don’t like gyms like myself, or just can’t find one near you then try and use what you already have at home. Your chair can be used as a steady tool to hang on while you do your pull ups or squats. You can fill in two 2 litre bottles of cool drink with water and use them as weight at home. You can get a skipping rope and use that not just for skipping but to build your arm muscles and work on the core muscles. So there is really no excuse why you can’t give your body that exercise that it needs to keep you feeling good.

Summer is all about having fun and enjoying yourself, so don’t let your health spoil your fun. Get in shape and start detoxing so you can be ready for summer. I hope you found this blog useful and if you have ideas you wanna share with us, send them through as we love hearing from you. #BeTrendi 🙂

Written by Phoebe Sibomana


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