Spring is here and soon the summer sun will follow. You want to keep cool and also keep the kids happy with some treats. What better way than to serve them homemade ice cream? No ice cream maker? No problem! Check out the recipe below for a quick and easy fix.

You can make this ice cream using just THREE ingredients in FOUR easy steps. The best part – it only takes 10 minutes to prepare (but remember it does take longer to freeze).

Here’s what you’ll need:
Two medium-sized bowls, a whisk, a spoon or spatula and a plastic container to store the ice cream in, as well as a freezer.
(If you do not have a whisk you can tape two forks together using sellotape – see the picture below.)

2 cups heavy whipping cream
1 cup condensed milk
½ packet Oreo biscuits

1. Using the whisk or two forks, whip the heavy cream until it is stiff and forms peaks.

2. In a separate bowl, crush the Oreo biscuits and then mix these into the condensed milk.

3. Fold the mixture into the stiffly whipped cream.

4. Put the mixture into a plastic container and cover with lid.

5. Freeze for approximately three hours or until hard.

Tips: You can add toppings (such as crushed peanuts, smarties or even cut up jelly tots) or other flavours of your choice into the condensed milk.

Have fun and stay cool!


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