Mandy just found out that reading on FunDza is now free – no data required! Every time she logs in she types in the whole address:

But her helpful friend Tamica (that’s me) showed her that there’s no need to do this. You can now add a link to FunDza to your homepage. This will give you quick access – you just click on the icon instead of searching it in your web browser.

Follow these simple, easy steps to add FunDza as a home page:

For an android phone:
Step 1: Go to your google chrome or website home page.
Step 2: Type
Step 3: On the corner of your screen you will find three lines, click on them.
Step 4: Once you’ve clicked there, a menu will open up. Scroll through until you see Add to home screen.
Step 5: Click on the Add to home screen option. a message will pop up and you select Add.
Step 6: A shortcut will then be created on your phone’s home screen.
That’s all it takes to add FunDza to your phone’s home screen. What are you waiting for? Get adding and get reading!

On an iphone:
Step 1: Go to Safari (NOT Chrome)
Step 2: Type:
Step 3: At the bottom of your screen, there is a share icon – the middle one. It is a rectangle with an arrow coming out of it. Click on it.
Step 4: Scroll down to see options.
Step 5: click on the option: Add to homescreen.
Step 6: Click on the confirmation to Add.
And there you have it!


Did you know FunDza is free? Read here to find out more!

Tell us: Were you able add FunDza as a homepage? Let us know if you had any problems.