Being older is taking off the rose-coloured glasses we wear when we regard the people who have raised us; maturity is still being able to look up to them even after the fantasy has been shattered. I admire my mother because she is not perfect. She never claimed to be; I think the older I get the more I am forced to see all the trauma she carries and accept that she did the best she could for herself. She is broken, but every day she tries; after all, she is a human, who tries her best to be strong.

I admire her smiles that light up the whole room. I admire her random dances around the house to cheer up her moody firstborn daughter and I admire that she worked hard to be the mother she could be. I admire my mother because she has always been a free spirit, attached to nothing but her children – as her shield but also a small army to fight for. I admire my mother because, on the roughest days, she carries the most burdens.

For Women’s Month I went around in the streets of Cape Town asking other young people to share about the women they admire:

Siphokuhle Velani

I admire my sisters because they raised me to be a strong woman who can stand up for herself. Our parents passed when we were young and they had to take care of me but I never felt lacking even without parents.

Samantha Platjie

The women I admire the most are Celine Dion and my granny; Celine Dion because I was raised listening to her music, and because of how much she has grown with the changing times of the music industry. I love and adore my grandmother because she has always been there for me and is a picture of class even through trying times. So I strive to be as kind and beautiful as she is.

Admiration is an acknowledgement that I see you and all you have done; whether it’s someone close to you or even a celebrity. It can be anyone with characteristics you think you can emulate to improve yourself. So this Women’s Month, celebrate all the women you admire because the world doesn’t highlight them enough.


Tell us: Which woman do you admire?

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