You and your partner have been dating for a while. You are so in love, and you have an amazing time together. Now you’d like to share your happiness with the rest of the world. The question is: when is a good time to start posting about your relationship on social media?

I watched a video of how one woman slowly started introducing her partner to the world via Instagram. This woman started off with a simple picture of her and her boyfriend having lunch, and the only thing suggesting that there was a man present was his hand.

The next picture was a full-body photo, but you could only see his back. This really gets everyone on social media asking questions like, “Who is that? Is that her new boyfriend?”

The last picture was when she posted a photo of her boyfriend and we as her followers could finally see his face. Finally, the mission is accomplished! The world now knows that she has a man in her life.
I decided to ask a few people about when they went social media official, and this is what they had to say:

Tessa, 25
I think we made it official two or three months after the relationship. I don’t know why we did it then, but we did it. Maybe it’s because we thought we had been together long enough. I think people wait two to three months to see what will happen. No one wants to advertise a brand new relationship – like you post a picture – and then a month later, you guys break up.

Thando, 24
I think it was after six months. I felt we were in the thick of it and we understood each other. We’d had our fights and knew how we’d do it and it wasn’t something I was gonna be ashamed of, if it ended. I knew the work we were putting into the relationship and I knew we were in for it. My thinking was that I was in a relationship with this wonderful person, and I wanted the world to know. Yes, the relationship ended, but not because she was less of an amazing person, and I was not ashamed to let the world know. We just didn’t work out. I just wanted to let the world know the person I was in love with.

Amanda, 22
It was ten months into our relationship when I made it (social media) official. I did it then because it was his birthday and we had been together long enough for me to regard our relationship as “serious”. We were past the initial 2-3 month honeymoon phase.

Seth, 26
I’ll post mine after I get married. I kinda don’t think having a girlfriend is an achievement because everyone does it. Marriage on the other hand, is what I think deserves respect.

The takeaway
From the above statements, I think there’s no set time to post; it’s more like when you and your partner feel ready and comfortable. Don’t feel pressured. Do what works for you as a couple.


Tell us: When did you introduce your partner on social media?

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