Ola majita! It’s time to talk grooming and personal hygiene. Men are sometimes considered to have lower grooming and personal hygiene standards than women, oops – we’re taking Ls. An American Cleaning Institute study found that men are less likely to wash their hands after petting an animal, before and after handling food, and coughing and sneezing.

It’s time to up it a couple of notches gents; hang around as I break it down for you. This will also help your significant other, as your hygiene does not only affect you if you are sexually active.


First thing’s first: dental hygiene. Your smile is your lasting impression – you don’t want it to be that of yellow teeth. Take care of your mouth. Follow the dentist’s orders and brush twice a day; and that includes scrubbing your tongue. The mouth can gather bacteria that will cause bad breath and tooth decay. Sweet breath is everything when it comes to kissing, and for gents that are sexually active, if the mouth is not cleaned properly, it will introduce bacteria to your partner’s vaginal area during oral sex. – these can cause fungal infections like candida.


You don’t have to have a clean-shaven face, but you must trim and wash facial hair regularly as it can harbour germs and bacteria. Use soap, scrub lightly and rinse thoroughly. Using shampoo and other fancy beard products may help with your skin and keep it from drying out, but as far as cleanliness is concerned, soap suffices.

Also keep your facial skin clean; majita a skin care routine shouldn’t be exclusively for women. We deserve to be pretty too. Let me hook you up with my skincare routine. I thoroughly rinse my face. Once a week I use a mixture of honey and brown sugar as a scrub; scrub thoroughly but not roughly, to avoid irritation. After the scrub, I use a facewash. I let my skin dry on its own; no towels as I have sensitive skin. When my skin is finally dry I use face oil and seal it all off with a face cream. A long process but worth it!


Covid has taken the handshake away from us, but that doesn’t mean we should ignore keeping our hands clean. We use hands for almost everything; cover up when coughing and sneezing. The hands are most susceptible to germs and bacteria – wash them regularly.

Keep your nails trimmed and filed. When using our hands, germs gather under our nails, and longer nails can collect more dirt, germs and bacteria than shorter nails and can contribute to a spread of infections. These infections can be extended to your bedroom. When your hands are not hygienic they can cause a lot of problems for imedi, including but not limited to urinary tract infections, yeast infections, STIs, and staph infections.


It took us to down here to get down there! The genital area is the most sensitive. Gently wash your penis with soap and water only – do not scrub as this area is sensitive. Thoroughly wash underneath your foreskin as this area is warm and moist; the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and an ideal place for yeast to grow causing balanitis. Pubic hairs trap sweat, oil and bacteria, causing the area to have a strong odour, BUT! Your pubic hair serves an important role too. The skin on your genital region is delicate. According to Medical News Today, pubic hair acts like a protective buffer, reducing friction during sex and other activities; but taking care of it and keeping it clean is very important. Manscaping is very much up to you; you need to be careful of what you use to shave. Trimming it lightly is recommended as clean shaving has its downside.

Clean shaving has the risk of slicing yourself and exposing yourself to bacteria, skin irritants and ingrown hair. Ingrown hair may appear as small red bumps. The bumps may look like pimples or cysts, and may be filled with clear liquid or pus. The pus may be yellow or green if the bump is infected.
A very important thing to note too is that a MedicineNet study has shown that unhygienic habits can be caused by poor mental health. If you suspect that you or a brother close to you has mental health issues please help them find help and be there for them.

Otherwise gents, stay clean, drink water, and eat fruit. Stay winning, beautiful Kings!


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