Ekasi with Amajita
Age is not just a number
3 weeks ago
Growing up eKasi you unknowingly learn toxic behaviours which you carry to you adult life. You don’t even realise that these things are toxic because they are a norm in your surroundings. One of these things for me was, when I was in high school girls my age were ‘in relationships’ with men who were…
Ekasi with Amajita
Real men don’t beat women
a month ago
I was chilling with my friends on one Saturday afternoon when I noticed fingernail scratches on one of my friend’s neck and forearms. He told me, when I asked, that he had had an argument with his girlfriend and what I was seeing were her attempts at defending herself. “If you don’t beat your woman…
Ekasi with Amajita
Are we just ATM fathers?
2 months ago
In 2019, I welcomed my baby girl into the world and I became a father for the first time. I remember walking into the delivery room draped in protective apparel and being handed this tiny being wrapped in white towels. My heart raced faster than the car I was in en route to the hospital…