I fully believe in spiritual signs. For example, my late Gran and best friend were both born on January 1st. Every time I see 0101, which is rare, I feel it’s a reminder that they will always be here. There are plenty of signs I associate spirituality with guidance but first things first…

Wondering what angel numbers are and how to find them?

Well, Aliza Kelly from Allure magazine describes angel numbers as number sequences (usually three or four numbers) that contain repetition (such as 111 or 4444) and/or patterns (such as 321 or 8787). These numbers have different meanings which can come from different spiritual beings like your ancestors, guardian angels, or even the universe.

Unlike the star signs, angel numbers have nothing to do with your identity, but  act as spiritual messages that guide you on your life journey. Angel numbers can show up on clocks, timestamps, and alarms. They appear in addresses, phone numbers, and license plates.

Angel numbers and their meanings:

000 or 0000  Zero is associated with new opportunities.

111 or 1111 – One is a powerful manifestation figure that is seen as a greenlight from the universe. If you are planning to do something, this angel number lets you know you are on the right path.

222 or 2222 – Two suggests balance, trust, and alignment.

333 or 3333 – Three is an indication of magnetic creativity; it’s an opportunity to showcase your talents, whether it’s writing, singing, or painting.

444 or 4444 – Four is a way of your guardian angel letting you know they are looking out for you.

555 or 5555  – The presence of five suggests that major changes could be on the horizon.

666 or 6666  – Although some may fear six (especially in a triplet) because of religious associations with the Devil or demon figures, within angel numbers, six is a reminder that you have guides and good things are coming.

777 or 7777  – Seven means that good fortune (especially money wise *wink *wink) could be on the way.

888 or 8888 – can be a connection to the spiritual world; it’s seen as a sign that they’re receiving supernatural support from loved ones who’ve crossed on. 

999 or 9999 – nine is a sign that a journey may be coming to an end, and soon you will begin a new journey.

According to Tanya Carroll Richardson who is a professional intuitive, there are six spirit guides:

Archangels – If you’re an empath or are sensitive to energy, when you call on an archangel you might feel an energy shift in the room.

Guardian angels – are yours exclusively, and we each have more than one!

Spirit animals – might be a pet you once had who passed away.

Ascended masters – like Buddha or Mother Mary were once human, living journeys of deep spiritual growth and influence.

Loved ones or family members – who’ve passed on may choose to be one of your spirit guides and actively support you from heaven by helping you.

Helper angels – look out for humans to help with specific situations, like finding new friends or finding a new office space.

Spirituality is personal; it goes beyond religion. As human beings we seek answers; especially in things we don’t understand. Some things won’t ever have clear and practical answers and that’s okay.

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