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Did You Know? Cartoons weren’t meant for kids!
4 days ago
Did you know cartoons were not created for kids? Did you also know initially the meaning of cartoons meant something different from what they mean today? That may sound crazy because today when we think about cartoons, even though adults also watch them, we associate them with children. So it wouldn’t be crazy to assume…
Did you know?
Did You Know? Rooibos tea is good for you!
2 weeks ago
I was never a fan of tea. Firstly, I’m allergic to caffeine and most teas contain caffeine. So, I naturally pulled away. However one day I decided to have a cup of Rooibos tea and I have never looked back. Not only is Rooibos tea actually pretty amazing in taste, it also has terrific health…
Did you know?
Did You Know? What Dementia Is?
3 weeks ago
Imagine forgetting your mom, dad, siblings or even kids. Imagine not knowing where you live despite going home every day for your entire life. Sounds scary right? For some older people, this is their reality; they don’t know it because they can’t remember, but they have forgotten almost all aspects of their life. The culprit…