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Did You Know? You Don’t Need to Panic
6 days ago
2020 was a rough year. We put up a fight and did our best to maintain our sanity under lockdown. We lost jobs and loved ones thanks to COVID-19. 2021 started with a glimpse of hope when we heard scientists had developed a vaccine and roll out was being initiated in countries around the world.…
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Did You Know? Why People Get Tattoos
2 weeks ago
You have probably come across at least one person in your lifetime with a tattoo, right? You know… the butterfly on the forearm or leg, the heart with the cupid arrow, the stars running across the neck area or even more “extreme” – a tattoo on the face like Lil’ Wayne, Mike Tyson and the…
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Did You Know? Some People Can’t See Colours
4 weeks ago
I sat on the grass with my friend Greg, admiring the different shades of orange and blue in the sky. “Beautiful, isn’t it?” I asked Greg. He was quiet for a while, then he finally said, “I’m sure it is.” It was then when Greg told me he was colour blind. I couldn’t believe that…