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Did You Know? SA’s constitution is the most respected in the world
12 hours ago
“Nkosi sikelel’ iAfrika.” This is the opening line of South Africa’s national anthem. It means, “Lord bless Africa.” The national anthem is sung in four different languages, which is part of the reason why South Africa is nicknamed the “rainbow nation.” However, does the country protect all its citizens? Did you know that our constitution…
Did you know?
Did You Know? Why Sleep Is Important
2 weeks ago
“You need to sleep earlier,” Karl said. “I’m trying, okay!” Melissa responded. “Leave her Karl, sleep is for the weak!” Sipho laughed. Karl had noticed Melissa dozing off in class. She looked exhausted and he was concerned. Melissa had been trying to fall asleep and on the other hand, Sipho did not think it was…
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Did You Know? Plagiarism is a crime
3 weeks ago
The first day that I stepped into university, the lecturers kept on uttering one word: “Plagiarism”. Luckily I was well versed in the topic since my mom taught me about it when I was a teen. However, I didn’t know that plagiarism was such a big deal, so much so that it’s a crime. What…