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Did You Know? Are Dogs Colour Blind?
English Scientist John Dalton, who lived in the 18th century, was one of the first people to research colour blindness. Dalton realised that he and his brother could not recognise some colours. He and his brother confused pink with blue and scarlet (a brilliant red colour) with green. This sparked his curiosity to dig deep…
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Did You Know? Music and Personality Can Be Linked
a week ago
Everyone loves music. But not everyone loves the same kind of music. Have you ever wondered why you might love rap, but your brother can’t stand it? Or you might love pop and your friend hates it? Did you know that your taste in music actually reveals a lot about your personality? Most people listen…
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Did You Know – What Intelligence is
2 weeks ago
What is intelligence? It sounds pretty simple right, but in fact researchers and psychologists have grappled with a sole definition of intelligence for as long as can one can remember. Most concepts and ideas around intelligence can be described as the ability to learn from experiences, recognise problems and solve problems. Some psychologists believe that…