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Did You Know… What the silent killer is?
4 hours ago
When you think of factors contributing to the death toll in South Africa you may think of things like road accidents and murder. But there is a silent killer lurking in our midst; a killer so subtle that you may not even expect it or take it seriously. The silent killer is diabetes. Over three…
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Did you know it's time to panic
6 days ago
Climate change has been a hot topic for some time now. People all over the world appear to be waking up to the fact that we, not our grandchildren, are the ones who will have to face this threat. Scientists who have tried to censor climate change trends throughout the years have been proven wrong…
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Did you know... You can make money from waste?
2 weeks ago
Recycling and collecting waste is important because you can make cash by collecting waste, help feed families and preserve the environment for generations to come. Perhaps you are wondering why it is important to recycle? Here are some interesting points to consider: Did you know that there is an island of plastic waste? In the…