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Did You Know? The Importance of Safe Sex
6 days ago
From a young age, young girls are burdened with the idea that if they have sex they will get pregnant, they are taught to always remember, ‘Books before Boys Because Boys Bring Babies”, – the seven Bs. For some, this is the only sex education they will ever get from home. Traditionally, boys are encouraged…
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Did You Know? How Cellphones Were Invented
2 weeks ago
I remember in 2005, I had to walk to the nearest payphone box just to call a friend. I had no cellphone. Cellphones weren’t easily accessible back then. Today, we have cellphones and can instantly get hold of anyone around the world, if not through calls, then through text and social media. But how did…
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Did You Know? Exercise can be fun!
3 weeks ago
We all know, and have been told more times than we can count, that exercise is good for our health. However, just because we know it doesn’t mean we’ll do it. There are many other things on people’s mind, like work, school and our personal lives, so sometimes our health takes a backseat because there…