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Facts about Alzheimer's and dementia.
5 days ago
Do you have someone in your family or in your community who has something called dementia? Some people also call it Alzheimer's disease, one of the many types of dementia. Lots of people know someone who has this problem. If you know someone who has dementia: They may act or talk funny sometimes They may…
Did you know?
Elizabeth Holmes – The lies that made her
2 weeks ago
Imagine a world where with one prick of a finger, followed by a drop of blood, analysed by a tiny little machine, you’d be able to find out whether you suffer from any medical conditions in an instant, so to speak. Sounds like a far-off dream, doesn’t it? Well, one woman, Elizabeth Holmes, thought she…
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isiXhosa names for the months of the year
4 weeks ago
Before the arrival of Europeans, and modern scientific knowledge, Africans used their indigenous knowledge, gained over thousands of years, to navigate their existence. Astrology and the study of nature have always been part of us.  Did you know what the seasons and months are called in isiXhosa; and why? There are four seasons in a…