In January 2014 #Tips4Tertiary trended on twitter. People from all over South Africa shared their tips for transitioning into a world beyond school.

See what you think of these – and share some of your own in the comment section below. We’d love to hear your hot tips.


Cebisa Mahlukwana ‏@CebisaM 12 Jan
Read outside your discipline, this will broaden your general knowledge base. #TipsforTertiary

Tessa Dooms ‏@tessie18 12 Jan
In week one go to the library and figure out how it works. It’s more complicated than it looks #Tips4Tertiary

Gwen Lister ‏@GwenLister1 12 Jan
Work your vacations in your field of study. Even as a volunteer. Build up experience. #TipsForTertiary

Karen Jeynes ‏@karenjeynes 12 Jan
Read the damn setwork. Not Wikipedia. #tipsfortertiary

Rupert Koopman ‏@RK_ct 12 Jan
Read broadly in your field, attend talks & conferences. Don’t start networking AFTER you’ve got your degree. #TipsforTertiary

Ishay Govender-Ypma ‏@Foodandthefab 12 Jan
It’s a cliche, but it holds value: surround yourself with excellence. If you’re in a demanding field, give yourself time #TipsforTertiary

Shay Govender-Ypma ‏@Foodandthefab 12 Jan
I’d frequently chat to senior students whom I admired academically about ‘balance’ & their study tips. And to bounce ideas #TipsforTertiary

Thandeka Dube ‏@mathidube 12 Jan
Have fun responsibly. Get involved on campus. But never forget why you are there. #tipsfortertiary

Just B ‏@Bernie11528081 12 Jan
#Tips4Tertiary #tipsfortertiary Never party in you #first year or there won’t be a #second year!

kgomotso matsunyane ‏@MotsoMatsu 12 Jan
Fitting in is overrated. Tertiary is all about finding YOUR voice. #Tips4Tertiary

Chi Chi ‏@Chi_Chiboya 12 Jan
Do not be afraid to sit right in front in lectures #Tips4Tertiary #Tips4Varsity #TipsForTertiary

Laqasha ‏@Nomonde_N 12 Jan
Some tutors are great at tutoring, and some aren’t. If you are assigned a tutor who you don’t understand then switch tuts.#TipsForTertiary

Milase Mzamo ‏@mnazania 12 Jan
#tipsfortertiary most guys who want to sleep with you don’t really know your name. So don’t get excited it’s not love

Milase Mzamo ‏@mnazania 12 Jan
#tipsfortertiary you’ve ignored your parents all your life, now listen to them. They’ll stop you from making life changing mistakes

Ms Tsoaeli ‏@iTsoaeli 12 Jan
Last minute assignments are unnecessarily oppressive. Do them at least a few days in advance. #TipsforTertiary

Soulfisticated ‏@Kamu_SA 12 Jan
Wa gafa RT @Kev_Ler: There will come a time when you’ll want to drop out and become a DJ, that’s normal. #TipsForTertiary

TeamKamo ‏@pitsoplaya2 12 Jan
#tipsfortertiary don’t drink all your grocery money.

Max Ntissa ‏@NtissaM 12 Jan
Put a picture of your family on the wall so you don’t forget why you there #tipsfortertiary

Mandy Collins ‏@CollinsMandy 12 Jan
Matric was just a stepping stone to get you to this point. Now the work really begins. #Tips4Tertiary

Spitjo ‏@SiphiweDlamini_ 12 Jan
Start studying from day 1. Go through your work after each lecture. Closer to the exam you review and practice that’s all. #Tips4Tertiary

mel ‏@Me_l7 12 Jan
If you feel overwhelmed, go see a campus psychologist. details in your orientation booklet. #Tips4Tertiary

Mashomane ‘a Dipheta ‏@twieterazzi 12 Jan
U are “full time” student for a reason. Don’t make studying a part time activity RT @KingBiyela The library is your friend. #Tips4Tertiary


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