Your pregnancy may have affected your relationship with the baby’s father. This may be more difficult if the pregnancy was unplanned. It may even have caused your relationship to end.

You may feel:

• Angry and think that life is unfair: the father’s life goes on as usual, while you have to deal with the pregnancy.
• Sad and abandoned: you may think that no one will want to be with you again.

For these reasons, it may be difficult to decide about the father’s involvement with his baby.

• Think about what is best for your baby.
• Even if a child’s parents do not live together, he/she may be able to have a loving relationship with each parent.

All parents have a legal duty to support their children financially, even if they are not married or living together. You have a right to receive financial support from the father.

You have a right to receive financial support from the baby’s father. If you feel that the baby’s father is not providing enough support, contract the Maintenance Court in your area. They can explain what you can do, the information and papers you need to provide, as well as the best time to come and collect a maintenance order. It is best that your legal guardian or parent be with you when you go to the Maintenance Court.

See the section “Where else can I go for support”