Your feelings and behaviour may have an effect on your baby during pregnancy and afterwards. This is why there are some foods and behaviours to avoid during pregnancy, as they can be harmful to the baby while in the womb:

• Caffeine (coffee, tea, Coke, Pepsi)
• Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes
• Some types of medication – check with a doctor

If you smoke, drink alcohol or take drugs, talk to a nurse or counsellor about it. Professional drug counselling has been shown to be very useful for pregnant women. It is also important that you have a healthy diet during pregnancy, so that you and your baby stay healthy. Sometimes filling up on soda drinks and chips means you may not have enough room for the good foods you and your baby need. Examples of good food to eat during pregnancy are listed here:

• Grain products (cereal, brown or whole wheat bread, and brown rice)
• Fruit and vegetables
• Proteins (fish, meat, lentils, beans, and nuts)
• Dairy products (milk and yoghurt)
• Liquids (water, Rooibos tea and diluted juice)