In this booklet, we suggest it may help you to speak to a counsellor. Sometimes your nurse or midwife can help you find a professional counsellor. A counsellor is someone who is trained to listen to people and guide them through problems, emotional difficulties and decision-making. A counsellor could be someone from the clinic such as a doctor, nurse, social worker or mental health counsellor. But, there may not always be a trained counsellor near you. So it is important to remember that you can find your own counsellor.

β€’ Do you know someone you trust?
β€’ Someone you think is wise and who may be able to give good advice?
β€’ Are you comfortable with this person?

If so, this could be someone who could be your counsellor.

Your counsellor could be a trusted friend, a priest or Imam, a teacher, or a relative. You are the best person to work out who you feel most comfortable with. It may take some time before you can build trust together with your chosen counsellor. It is worth the effort. Counsellors can be very supportive during difficult times.

Talking to a counsellor can help you with what you are going through.