All together there were four of us chosen, two learners from Grade 11 and two from Grade 12, two males and two females. While we were traveling we were chatting about our future.

“I want to study Chemical Engineering next year, but if they don’t take me as that is my first choice, then my second choice will be Pharmacy,” I said.

Jurity said, “Me too.”

“Well, if I don’t make it in those two, then my third choice will have to be something to do with Agriculture,” I said.

“Given, why do you want to do the same things as me?” asked Jurity.

I told her it was what I always wanted to do. We arrived at Nkowankowa. We did a chemistry practical and we played mind games. We then left to get some food at Shisanyama. While we were there eating we talked about food.

“I’m not a good cook,” said Lerato, the girl from Grade 11 who was with us.

Naa, I’m a very good cook and I enjoy cooking,” I said honestly.

“I want to get married to a guy who’s a good cook because I’m lazy to cook,” Jurity said and I was shocked.

We found out that Jurity and I we had a lot in common. She said, “We have everything in common…” she pulled her face towards her chest and looked down. She wanted to say we have everything in common so why don’t we just date; at least that’s what I thought to myself.

We went home and I couldn’t sleep that night. I was thinking about her unfinished sentence. I took my phone and called her. It was around 10 p.m. She picked up.


“Sorry for calling you so late, it’s just that I can’t sleep,” I said with my eyes closed in suspense.

“Why? Are you sick or something?”

“I can’t sleep while you’re running through my mind.” I said and I meant it.

She didn’t respond. She gave me time to continue, so I continued.

“This is not the way I wanted to tell you. I wanted to tell you face to face but I have no choice but to tell you this over the phone. I love you Jurity,”

She laughed at me. I thought this was it. I saw my dreams vanish in front my eyes. Then her golden voice gave me hope again.

“I don’t respond to such things over the phone. Come tell me face to face tomorrow.”


Tell us what you think? Do you think Jurity will say yes? It is easier to ask someone out over the phone or face to face?