On Tuesday morning and I was glad to smell the fresh air of Africa. I had just landed at the Cape Town International Airport. I went to my house and cooked. I was more excited about seeing Sean again that he was the only thing occupying my mind.

I prepared the whole romantic dinner setting; candles, music, great food and a beautiful black dress. “It’s just dinner to say thank you to my friend,” I told my reflection as I looked at the gorgeous frame in the mirror.

“Phelo, is that you?” Sean called out as he walked in the door, surprised to see me.

“Welcome. Do you want anything to drink as I prepare the final touches?” I said with a smile as I directed him to the dining room.

“Mmm, what is that smell and what are celebrating?”

“Life,” I said. “Please turn on the music, lunch is ready,”

“I thought you won’t be home this week,”

“I finished my business early than I thought…”

“And the lunch, what’s up?”

“I thought I should cook for you since it’s your last day in this house. Just a little farewell,”

“Well,” he said and looked away. “Sorry, I have not found a place to stay yet. I thought I should stay just till month end,”

Did he say month end? It was the begging of December, the longest holiday ever! Oh my God, I wished I hadn’t taken my holiday so I could avoid seeing him every day. You see, I could handle being around him because I knew he would be going soon. But now…

“It’s fine, you can stay,” I said wishing he could change his mind.

After the lunch I went to my room to make a call.

“Afternoon Pastor, I’m calling to ask for your advice,”

“What is it my child?”

“He proposed, and I don’t know whether to say yes or not,” I said, trying not whisper and not to be too loud.

“What, he did? Without coming to me first?” Pastor sounded really shocked.

“Who are you talking about?”

“Sean, he came to ask me to help him find a wife. I didn’t know he was talking about you,”

My heart just stopped beating as I heard those words. I stood there silent, unsure if I was still breathing. Sean? When did this happen and why hadn’t he told me? There must have been an explanation. This had to be a misunderstanding.

“No Pastor, it is not Sean that I’m talking about,” I finally managed to say. “It’s Adam,” I said sounding deflated.

We chatted for a while and he agreed to help me. I sat on the bed with my head spinning. I wasn’t sure about what I was feeling or why I was feeling this way. I was disappointed and hurt and confused. When I realised that I had no answers, I went to the living room.

“Come sit next to me,” Sean said as he opened his arms in the couch.

I sat but my mind was not in all that he was saying. I was still thinking about the words of the pastor. Suddenly the door opened and there were my friends, Sno, B, Anathi and Sma.

They looked surprised; to see me, well to see me sitting with Sean like that. But I didn’t mind because my mind was not really in that. I rose and hugged them.

“John Legend, what are you doing here?” Asked B. We called Sean JL when we talked about him. B called him that to his face.

“He lives with me,” I answered and went to pick up my purse. “Let’s go girls. Sean don’t wait up I will be back late tonight,”

I had invited my girls for movies and dinner since I had not seen them in a week or two. I was also glad to be out of the house and away from Sean. On own way there I was in the car with B and Sma, Sno was driving with Anathi.

“Phelo, I don’t believe you.” B said with a serious face.


“You and Sean, dating! How could you do that? Don’t you know that we don’t date? That’s sinning,”

“No B, Sean was looking after my house while I was away. He sleeps in the other room and the pastor knows about it. So B, your John Legend is safe,”

“But the way you two were sitting doesn’t say ‘just roommates’. Seemed like you are dating, just be careful OK, we all know he is handsome,”

“B, take out a small box in my bag,” I ordered. She reached for it and saw the engagement ring and she screamed.

“Is that what I think it is?” Sma asked filled with excitement.

“Yes Sma, that is my engagement ring. So B stop worrying, Sean and me wouldn’t do anything as I am about to get married,”

We arrived at the mall and we went on with our plans. B and Small had already forgotten about the chat we had in the car. Well that’s at least what I thought.

I went home and was surprised to see Sean waiting for me. But he looked angry or disappointed, I wasn’t sure what the look was. But I have never seem I’m like that.

“I told you not to wait up, anyway goodnight,” I said as I passed him. He grabbed my hand.

“We need to talk,” he said handing me his phone.

I can’t believe you and Phelo got engaged and didn’t even tell us! Don’t even try to deny it she showed us the ring.

It was a text message from B. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I gave him his phone and called B.

“Hey B, do you still remember the ring I showed you. Who did I say it was from?”

“You didn’t say, why are you asking?” The phone was on loud speaker and Sean could hear her.

“It’s from a guy named Adam, he is from New York. He is the one I’m engaged to and not Sean.” I said and turned to look at Sean. I couldn’t read his face. “I have not said yes though,” I added, more to Sean than to B.

“Oh crap,” she said and I dropped the phone.

“Happy now?” I asked looking at Sean who now seemed shocked. “Am I not good enough for you that you get angry when someone says we are a couple?” I stood up and walked away not waiting for him to answer.

“Why didn’t you tell me you are getting married?” he asked following me to my room.

“What is it to you, if I’m getting married or not?”

“Phelo, we live in the same house. I didn’t expect you to keep secrets,”

“You want talk about secretes, like the one you have? Pastor told me that you wanted to stay in my house so you can be used to the idea of having a woman around as you’re looking for a wife,”

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to hide that from you,” he said and stood at the door and looked down.

While talking to him I noticed that I had a message from my mom. I opened it and I couldn’t help the tears in my eyes.

Sean saw me crying and rushed to my side. I handed him the phone and he read in silence.

“I’m sorry,” he hugged me and told me to stop crying.

“Please go, I want to be left alone,” I said pushing him out.

“No Phelo, I can’t live you like this. Your mother doesn’t mean all this, maybe she was just angry about something. You know how mothers are; so protective,” he tried to comfort me.

“Read the message Sean, carefully this time,”

Is your cousin still single? Oh Thina my child I think I will die without settling my eyes on my grandchildren. What is wrong with Phelo? All she cares about are her businesses.

The message was addressed to my cousin Thina. My mother, in her old age, must’ve sent it to me accidentally. I was crushed.

“My own mother doesn’t think I will ever get married or have kids. I not crying because I’m hurt I angry at her,” I said and wiped away my tears. I was hurt because she was right. And what hurt the most, even though I hated to admit it, was that even Sean didn’t think I was wife material.

“Marry me and let’s give her the grandchildren she wants,” Sean said.

I looked at him in shock. How could this be? One minute this guy didn’t want to be seen as engaged to me and now here he was proposing. I expected to be angry, but what I was feeling wasn’t that. Our eyes just connected and my heart was beating faster than anything I know. His eyes had this passion I normally see in movies. Was I dream or was he feeling sorry for me?

“Marry me,” he said again.


Let’s chat: Would you ever date or marry someone out of sympathy for them? Why? Why not?