We got to the station and I singed off the machinery and left. We stopped for an early lunch and there I got a chance to tell her my story.

I was born with a silver spoon in my mouth. I did boiler making, fitting and turning and I was busy with civil engineering and doing it part time.

I had been working for three years now and I enjoyed working. I had no siblings and both my parents were retired and living in Pretoria. So life had been fairly good for me. I owned the house that my parents left for me. I had no kids and I earned lots of money, though I didn’t want to say how much.

After lunch I dropped her off at her house. In the car I was playing Joyous Celebration and she sang along to every song. I went back to the office and while checking up on Facebook, I saw her status message.

Eish I wish I could see the Joyous concert next week!”

I knew that this was my ticket to getting her. I immediately went online and purchased the tickets. I was a fan of Joyous Celebration but I’ve never gone for a live performance.

The following week I told her that I had a surprise for her and that she needed to come with me to see it. I took her to the concert and she enjoyed it so much that even on our way back she just couldn’t stop singing and dancing. As we got outside her house, we had a rather dazzling conversation which ended with a kiss on the cheek. She said goodnight and got out of the car.

I realized that I was falling for her and settling was no longer part of the plan. I was thinking of commitment and I was going for it. I spoke to her every day. I constantly kept thinking about her, even missed a couple of nights out with my friends because I was with her. She had exams coming up so the little time we spent together she would still be worried about them.

One day I asked her how much she had to pay for her fees and she told me. I decided to pay the amount due for her but I didn’t tell her. She went on to write her exams and after that she was very happy. She kept talking about the person who paid her fees and she wanted to know who it was. I couldn’t tell her it was me, because then I’d have to admit that I was in love with her.

We dated eventually and it was a big deal for my friends that I had broken the chain but it was love and I couldn’t stop it. We dated for the next two years. She was living at my place most of the time and she even had her own key. I had gotten her a scholarship at the company I was working at and life was much simpler.

During the years we had been good but she was starting to be distant and never gave me any attention anymore. Then without any warning, I got home to find a letter in her hand-writing. I couldn’t believe it as I read it but I knew that I was a fool to love again.


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