She was quiet for a long while and her parents could read the fear of the question on her face so they assured her that nothing happened, she needn’t worry about it but they will get the perpetrator at whatever cost. It helped that her father was a lawyer, he knew exactly how he’ll get it done. Siya would get arrested for attempted rape and her father would get a search warrant for his house to look for the drug. It was all too much for her to comprehend so she asked for some time alone to rest. She was thinking about Thulani and what he must be going through, then just as if on cue he entered.

“I’m so sorry, I should’ve never let you out of my sight.” He planted a soft kiss on her lips and she felt the flush rush over her again.

“It wasn’t your fault. You saved me, you came for me and that’s all that matters.”

“I told you my angel, I’ll follow you to the ends of the earth…”

“Or to hell and back…” she whispered as the trauma replayed itself in her mind.

“You have been through hell my love and you came out alive. But something tells me you weren’t talking about last night. What’s going on, with your moods and attitude? What happened to you?”

She decided to tell him everything and he was more than supportive and understanding. But they had no proof and they couldn’t let it go that easily or else the old goat will do it to someone else.

Then Thulani had an idea – a brilliant one if he said so himself – but it would take time and patience if they were to nail Mazibuko. What were the odds, that a father and son would try something like that? So they agreed they would get Mr Mazibuko. But first they had exams coming up in two weeks – they needed to prepare for them. Nozie also had a plan of her own she was cooking up but she wasn’t going to share it with Thulani just yet.

Siya was arrested for attempted rape and the date rape drug was found in his house. But, what the police and prosecutor couldn’t understand was why was the drug amongst Mr Mazibuko’s belongings, rather than his son’s?

As the son denied drugging Nozie and claimed he was taking her home and she was too drunk to walk so she fell and he went to get help but when he came back she wasn’t there.

There were too many holes in that story, but the police were not letting it go that easily and the duo team of Thulani and Nozuko was getting ready for their own investigation and plan to get even.

The End.


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NB: The sequel to this story is now available. Read A bundle of tears.