She woke up with a pounding headache and her whole body was numb. Her eyes were tired and heavy and she couldn’t lift a single muscle up. She tried to look around the strange surrounding but she was too dazed and then again sleep overcame her….

“I want charges pressed for attempted rape, intent to do bodily harm and I want that bastard behind bars now!” The voice was barely audible as Nozie woke up from a deep sleep.


Her mouth was dry and she couldn’t recognise the room she was sleeping in. She looked around as her father made his way towards her on the bed. Her mum was standing with the doctor… it was a doctor judging from his white coat and stethoscope around his neck. Her mum was in her nurse’s uniform and she was in tears.

“Darling, have some water.”

Her father offered a glass of cool water and she gulped it thirstily. She coughed and she drank some more. Her vision was clear, she was in a hospital room and she had a drip on her arm and her mother was crying, she just couldn’t understand why.

“What happened?” she asked hoarsely. Her dad momentarily closed his eyes and she recognised the technique, he was calming himself down.

“Don’t worry, my angel, you just need to rest and get your strength back.” Her mother had made her way to the other side of the bed, she was sniffing now and her eyes were kept dry by a piece of tissue.

“Tell me what happened, Tata.”

She honestly didn’t know. She wondered: Was it maybe a car accident? But how could that have happened when the party was just a few streets away. She tried to remember but the last thing she remembered was talking to Siya under the tree. She was telling him about life, her plans for next year, her relationship with Thulani and how hard and complicated it was because they were both yearning virgins who just needed time and… but her dad was talking about attempted rape… what the fuck happened to me? She needed answers and she needed them now!

“What happened to me? Tell me now please.”

Her voice was starting to crack as the worst thoughts and fears flooded her mind. So her father told her after getting a concurring nod from his wife.

She had gone to the party after helping out Mr Mazibuko with Bulelwa. She had spoken to Thulani and they had a falling out… did we break up? Tools, I meant to apologise, she thought… then she was seen talking to Siya Mazibuko under the tree and they had vanished together. Thulani had gone in search of her and when he heard sounds coming from the bushes he went to investigate. That’s when Nozie screamed and Thulani saw the figure running away but didn’t chase him as he saw Nozie lying there. He rushed her home. She was driven to the hospital and a drug was found in her system. Some date drug used to render women powerless. But the amount of it found in her system wasn’t too much, if she hadn’t drank that cider she would’ve been fine and the drug would’ve worn off eventually and they wouldn’t have caught it.

She processed the information and one question lingered in her mind: Did he rape me?