The day was the busiest of Lindy’s life. She had to be at the offices in the morning to discuss and approve the articles that had to go online. Then the magazine had to be printed – 500 sample copies for the guests – and the printers were running late. By 3pm she had to be at the venue to check, approve and see to the decorations and settings of everything. Then there were the models, the range had to be checked that the right outfits were labelled accordingly as per models. This really was so much for one person. And at 5pm she had to go fetch Grace from after care and take to her to grandmas, where’s she’d be spending the night. She had decided the hype would be too much for her and Grace didn’t mind one bit, she got to spend the night with grandma and she’ll have chocolate cookies and milk at night. Grandma was more than happy to baby sit.

Lu had more than enough on her plate, literally speaking. She had just finished the last of the desert platters at 5pm and had to drive in rush hour traffic to the venue, which would take at least 45 minutes. Lindy had calculated everything to the last minute, that meant Lu had some time to set up and quickly go change at home and be back in time for the launch. She had to look stunning, and make up took time to perfect. There can be no wrong tonight, the big dogs are coming out to play and I need my ace game. This was such pressure but the buzz was awesome, it made her want to shriek. She thought of all the big names and wonderful people she’ll meet, not to mention all the single men.

William was nervous, more nervous than he was on his final exam, when he handled his first meeting as CEO of his company or when he was delegating for the embassy. The thought of seeing her was all he could hope for, the rest he had to make sure it happened. He’ll explain to her why he did what he did, that it was for their future. She had to understand. She did love him and he made her cry, he hated himself for it but it was the only way. He hated him for standing in the way of their happy future. Five years he’d wasted in misery all because the old man said no. It’s good now that I can stand up to him, I’ve given him what he wanted he can’t expect more from me. His one mission now was to get Lindy back, make her understand; ask for forgiveness and her hand in marriage, like it should’ve been. Would she take him back, she probably was married by now. I’m sure somebody else snatched her already. It was worth a try, all hang in the balance tonight at the launch. It was crunch time, if only Sasha could get a move on so I can go get my baby… “Sasha, we gotta go!” he yelled pacing at the door. It was break or make time.

They got to the venue and all was stunning. Sasha was run off to the make-up rooms and she didn’t even have time to plant a quick kiss on Will – he was grateful, the less hiccups the better. He stood there awkwardly as a tray of snacks passed by; his stomach was in knots, so he opted for the passing champagne instead. Lindy was nowhere to be seen, the place was packed and he made his way through the crowd trying to find her. As he turned, a stunning image of a beautiful woman in silver caught his eye. Her smile was unforgettable and her laugh infectious, her glide was slow and seductive as she moved through the crowd greeting and meeting the guests. Her long gown was perfect; the back totally open and the front draped just enough to tease the eye and leave the imagination wanting. Her skin was silky and glowing in the shimmering lights of the hall and he remembered how soft it was. She was walking towards him and he just stood there, captured in the dream that flowed before him. Then their eyes met, and for what felt like an eternity they stood there frozen, him watching her and her watching him. She didn’t blink, he didn’t dare. Time stood still and everything was silent around them. Her heart was pounding and his was rhythmically matching hers, but they were oblivious to all that surrounded them. He blinked and she was gone. “Ladies and gentleman if you may please take your seats then we can get started”. The voice over the loud speaker announced and he just stood there.