The show was a success! And the guest of honour was mingling with the crowds and Lu, oh Lu was looking stunning in gold and bronze. William was hoping to catch her and he still had no luck, the show was over now it was party time.

“Lindy! Lindy over here.” Sasha waved at her, smiling gloriously as she pushed through to get to her. Save me. Lindy glided effortlessly towards them and people just moved away with ease making it easy for her to get to the destination she didn’t want to get to.

“Lindy, the show was beautiful, the gowns spectacular and oh my Gawd the food. Bravo! Bravo!” wow she really does ramble, Sasha was being Sasha.

“Oh where are my manners, Lindy this is my boyfriend William Fischer. William this is the gorgeous and brilliant Lindy Cele.” She made the introductions when she noticed that they were staring at each other. They still didn’t move. He smiled and she froze, still lost in the trance.

“Well, you two seem stunned to see each other. Trust me if it wasn’t for Sasha I wouldn’t let him come near you.” Lu was obviously having a bit too much fun with the drinks, she had come to the rescue.

“Excuse me. Do you people know each other?” Sasha didn’t like looking like an idiot and it showed.

“Know each other? These two were practically married. So I think they more than know each other.” Sasha’s face was crimson and Lindy couldn’t help but blush, but that could only be visible in her eyes and Will saw it.

“Married? Wait, what do you mean married? My Will, with her?” now Sasha’s claws were out to play and Lu’s annoyance was just at the seams.

“Married, child, as in tied up at the hip, around the waist, settled down, tied the knot, jumped the broom, what do you call it in the States? And yes, your Will with her!” Lu gave him a look up and down and shook her head. “Come dudette, you don’t have to do this.”

As they turned to walk away Lindy was willing him to stop her and as if their hearts were as one he did.

“I love you” he said and she turned ready to throw herself at him. My Will. I love you too.

“You love her? ha! What do you know about love?” Lu was not going to have her friend hurt again. Those months, years in misery were too much.

“Yes, Lindy, I love you. I always have and I always will” he totally ignored Lu and looked longingly in Lindy’s eyes.

“What do you know about love William? Where was love when Lindy was crying night in and night out over your crap? Huh, when she stressed about the baby and how she’d make it alone without her darling beloved. Oh, or when she was sick to death and nearly lost that child with all the stress. Or when she needed you every day just to tell her that all will be fine, when business was falling apart and she had to be strong, where were you? When Grace was sick, William, in hospital for two weeks, where the fuck was love then?” Lu was taking no prisoners.

William stood and couldn’t quiet comprehend what Lu was saying, somehow it just wasn’t sinking in. A pregnancy he didn’t know about, where was the child? Oh my God, am I a father? Lindy was just standing there shaking her head slowly as the tears were running down her pretty face. William saw the hurt, the pain, the anguish and torment. Then it dawned on him that she didn’t leave because he got drunk and cursed at her, she was scared, she was pregnant.

“I didn’t know.” it was barely a whisper but Lindy heard him loud and clear. “I’m sorry my love, I didn’t know.” He moved towards her and Lu instinctively moved aside, jumping for Sasha’s side and pulling her back to give them space. Thank God the music was loud, else all would’ve heard.

“I’m so sorry my angel. I was a coward, young a scared. My father made me. He was the force behind my madness, his power, his invincible cloak… he forced me to go. I couldn’t stand up to him. I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have left, I should have never said what I said. It was the only way, you see?. He would’ve cut me off and we would’ve been broke if this job didn’t work out. I didn’t think. I’m so sorry. I love you. I love you. I love you.”

She laid her head on his chest and just let it all out. Her mind was racing, too much to tell him so much to do. They just stood there in the middle of the crowded room and sobbed in each other’s loving arms. All was well, life had begun. But what obstacles lay ahead for the two. They had a very powerful and invincible force to deal with. Was their love strong enough? At that point they both didn’t care; being here like this forever was all that mattered.

The End