The next morning, I was feeling vulnerable, I had no energy left in me, and I felt as if my whole world had been torn apart. I really loved Krishna. I couldn’t sleep for days because I kept thinking that she would appear, but she didn’t. Then, I decided to visit John to see if she told him anything, but it seemed as if he were clueless. I asked him how Krishna was and John told me that she was sick.

I was stunned, she usually told me when something was wrong with her, so I went to her house to check up on her. When I entered the house, I met a lady that I had never seen before. She was crying and she asked me what I was doing there, so I had to explain why I came there: I told her I came to see Krishna.

“Sorry, but she’s gone,” she said.

I didn’t understand completely what she said. “How can she be gone, ma’am?” I asked.

“Sorry, son,” the lady said.

I decided to ask for her name, she told me she was Krishna’s mother. That’s when my hope fell apart. I felt like I was going to crumble because I knew it was all my fault that Krishna left. I began to regret it more and more each day.

In my room alone, I was thinking to myself and reflecting back on our past memories, our happiest moments, before my love got in the way.

A week later, I had an unexpected visitor, John. He came and told me that Krishna dumped him. He began to cry next to me. I had no choice but to comfort my best friend, even though guilt filled my heart.

He told me he had proposed to Krishna and made love to her before she dumped him.

“How could she just tell me it’s over? Has she found someone better than me?” John asked, crying.

I was shocked, I knew nothing about the proposal he had just mentioned to me. I felt so bad; I had made her life difficult. But, I also had a feeling of hope that there might be a chance of love because she got all worked up and ended things with the love of her life.

After a week, I received a text from her: How could you ruin my life?

Everything just seemed to go from bad to worse. I couldn’t rest or sleep that night because of the guilt I felt. I had never expected that telling someone that you loved her could cause so much pain and misery. I decided to confess to John the reason Krishna left.

When I told him the truth, he punched me. His punch took me down instantly, and I bled from my mouth. I apologized again and told John that I was emotional and I really loved Krishna. He told me that I must never talk to him again.

“It’s over!” he told me. “You were like a brother to me, but I was wrong; you are just a loser.” He said those hurtful words and left me on the ground.

I struggled to get up, and stumbled home. I got a rope to kill myself, but I was scared. I went to the kitchen and took a knife. I closed my eyes, ready to stab myself. I received a call from Krishna.

She said: “I have thought about it, and I also feel the same way about you.” Finally, she said, “I love you.”


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