I guess I don’t know where to start, it all brings back the pain and memories. I loved her so much. We were friends at first, but then suddenly things began to change. I stopped looking at her the same way I used to, as a friend. Now, I felt shy to look at her.

To tell the truth, Krishna could tell that I liked her because I was becoming too friendly and hugged her too much. So, one day Krishna told me that she was ending our friendship because she didn’t feel comfortable hanging around me anymore. I didn’t blame her, but I had tears on my face when she ended our friendship. She had a boyfriend whom she loved very much, John.

John was my best friend, but I usually hung out with his girlfriend more than I did with him. I usually invited Krishna to visit me because I loved spending time with her. She took me as her best friend not knowing that I had other ideas. I truly loved her and in my heart I knew that if she felt the same way about me once I told her how I felt, God would forgive me for betraying my best friend.

The time came: I told her that I loved her. It wasn’t easy, but I had to be brave. After I told her, she looked at me in dismay. I wasn’t surprised, though: I had turned my back on our friendship, for love, and I betrayed my friend, John. She got angry and asked me why I was doing this to her. Then, she laughed thinking I was joking. But I never changed, my facial expressions remained serious. In a few minutes, she asked if I was really serious. When I told her yes, she took her bag she had and started to walk away from me. I cried, and begged her not to leave, but she teared up, held my hand, and told me goodbye.

When she left I asked myself, “How can someone you love so much not feel the same way?”

That question kept rewinding in my head till I got dizzy and slept.


Tell us: Have you ever had an experience like this where you loved someone but they didn’t love you back? How did you handle it?