After a while he said he stopped crying and apologised.

“It’s OK, Ntate. What can we do for you?” Carol asked when the man had finally calmed down.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I hope you can forgive me one day, both of you.” The man said as the tears came back in his eyes again. Carol sat there looking at him in shock and confusion.

“I don’t understand. What is it that we’ll have to forgive you for? We don’t know who you are, Ntate.” Said Carol hoping the man would explain. She didn’t want to rush him as he was in a state and she didn’t want to make it worse.

“For all that I’ve put you through, I’m really sorry.” The man said looking down on his hands. He couldn’t face to look at them. Carol was quiet, waiting for him to speak. After collecting himself, the man explained.

“My name is Jacob Mogale. I’m the man responsible for your husband’s death.” The man finally said still looking down, fumbling with his hands.

When Carol didn’t speak, the man explained how he had run away from the hospital after hearing of Solomon’s death. He had been in there for nearly a year and he had suffered severe head injuries. Carol had started to cry. But her cry was not a bitter one; it was a cry of closure. She didn’t say anything to the man. She just held her daughter in her arms and continued crying.

The man explained how he was also a victim of a drunk driver. When he was ten years old his parents had died in a car accident. The person responsible had lived and Jacob had never forgiven him. The hatred he carried drove him into a life of alcoholism and he suffered greatly. Now he wanted to apologise to them even though he knew it wouldn’t bring Solomon back. After he finished telling his story Jacob cried, the guilt and the shame eating away at him.

He had never meant to take a life of another human being and robbing a wife of her husband, and a daughter her father, was something he couldn’t live with. Alcohol and anger had destroyed his life and now he was asking for forgiveness from the two people he had wronged. Carol sat there and said nothing.


Tell us what you think: Should Carol forgive Jacob for what he’s done? What mistakes are forgivable and which one aren’t?