It was only on the third month after the accident when Solomon started talking again. Zodwa and her mom went to visit him as they always did. One evening Solomon called his young daughter close and whispered a quote to her.

“With everything in life I will always be by your side. Don’t have faith in God but trust in him. Think about it and you will get it later.”

Those were the last words that he said to his daughter on her birthday. Carol lost the love of her life and she was devastated. But she had to find a way to live because they had to eat and survive. Because she had left her job in Mulbarton in order to raise Zodwa all those years ago, she didn’t know where to start looking for a job. Prayer was her only way. She knew that no miracle was going to pop out of the sky and she had to make some effort and God, when He hears her, will give her rest.

Months went by and they lived with the bit they got from Solomon’s close friends and clients that he used to drive for. Life had no other way but to go on. Sometimes Carol would go to work for the clients just so she could get food. She struggled finding a permanent job as she had nobody to take care of young Zodwa.

A year into their struggles, a knock from the door came and it set a series of events in motion.

When Carol opened the door she saw a man with a face full of scars. She was shocked and didn’t know what to say or do. The man kindly greeted them and asked if he could come in, so Carol let him in. They offered him a seat and the man sat down. He looked at Zodwa and at Carol, from Carol back to Zodwa. He didn’t say anything so Carol offered him a glass of water. The man accepted and downed it in one go when the water came. His hands were shaking as he handed the glass back. After about a minute of silence, the man started crying. Not knowing what to do Carol and Zodwa just sat and watched the man.


Tell us what you think: Who is this strange man and what does he want? Why is he crying in front of strangers?