It was the year 1990 when Solomon met the love of his life. He knew from the onset that he was looking into the eyes of his soul mate. Mr Solomon Africa was born in Nigeria. He left his native land behind and in hope for a better life he went to live in South Africa. He met the woman of his dreams, Carol Themba, on a train from Cape Town to Johannesburg. Carol was born in South Africa. She also had a dream of finding a job away from home.

Right in the middle of the crowd they had clicked. Their eyes met and they kept stealing glances at each other. They didn’t speak at first, as Solomon was a shy man and Carol was a young girl afraid of the big bad city of Joburg.

Since Solomon was familiar with Joburg, he knew where certain places were and Carol, being her first time away from home, wasn’t familiar with the place. She had seen an advertisement for a domestic worker and nanny, and she knew that was the job she dreamt of that was to open doors for her. She had called the number nervously and luckily was granted an interview.

In the train, after hours of staring at each other they finally talked. Solomon made the first move and approached the fearful Carol. They chatted and got to know each other better. Carol told Solomon where she was going and the reason for her journey. At the time Solomon didn’t know the place but he made it a task to find out. He made phone calls to the people that he knew in Joburg and he got the directions. After getting off the train they started the journey going to Mulbarton where Carol was due for her interview.

Carol had so much faith that she was going to get that job and she told Solomon not to wait for her. Solomon left Carol but he knew where to find her should he want to see her again. Carol got the job and started work immediately. Luckily it was a sleep-in position which meant Carol had a place to stay.

Solomon had been struggling to find a decent job so he couldn’t yet return to Carol. Days turned into weeks and weeks turned into months. Solomon never gave up hope that he would see Carol again and that kept him going. He finally found a job as a chauffeur for a couple, Mr and Mrs Nel. Whenever they didn’t need him, Solomon would have free time. One time the Nels had gone on vacation and so Solomon drove out to see his beloved Carol.


Tell us what you think: Will Solomon find his beloved Carol? Will she still be available to date him?