In between Sister Blake’s pacing up and down, she took some time to face a different direction, giving Cosima time to take out her phone and put it on voice recording.

“Your pacing up and down is not helping,” Cosima said. “What’s really going on?”

“You cannot be here,” Sister Blake said. “Your mother knows you can’t be here. None of your family members is allowed to come here. So she can’t know you’re here. Just leave.”

“Not before you tell me what’s going on,” Cosima said.

“Crystal, you shouldn’t be here,” Sister Blake repeated.

“I heard that before,” Cosima responded.

“Ok,” Sister Blake said. “Just promise me you’re not going to tell your mom or anybody what I’m about to tell you.”

“Not a word, Sister Blake,” Cosima responded.

Before talking, Sister Blake went to turn one of the water taps on the basins on. “Come here,” she said. “Come closer, I want you to come closer because these walls have ears.”

“Be quick, I need to be out of here, remember?” Cosima said.

“Yeah,” Sister Blake responded. “You know when Miss McKnight or whatever her name is, your birth mother, came in in labour? Well, she had PTSD. PTSD is …”

“Don’t bother explaining health stuff to me,” Cosima said.

“But she gave birth to you,” Sister Blake continued. “A bouncing, beautiful baby girl. After birth, she had PND. She rejected and neglected you. She couldn’t even look at you.”

While Sister Blake was talking, Cosima’s eyes were shinny with tears.

“I know this is hard,” Sister Blake continued, “but I want you to know what’s going on so that when you get back to your family, you know why you cannot be seen here and why I saved you from your psychologically disturbed mom. There was a couple whose adoption application was denied a couple of times. I looked at them and saw awesome, financially stable parents. Your birth mother was unemployed and was going to raise you alone.”

At that point, Cosima could no longer hold back her tears anymore.

“I’m sorry you have to hear this from me and like this,” Sister Blake continued. “I looked at your pretty little face and decided you deserved better. Better than Miss McKnight, or whatever her name was. So I gave you to the Maslany family. I knew you were going to be well taken care of and loved.

“I lied to your mom saying you didn’t make it,” Sister Blake continued. “When leaving here, she was completely nuts. That is why you can’t be here. I risked everything to make sure you end up with a better family, and I’ll lose everything if that came out. So, to avoid all this risks and all, your parents and I agreed that none of you should ever show up here.”

“So you decided that the woman who carried me in her womb for nine months was not a better parent?” Cosima asked. “You decided that she was not worthy of raising a child she carried to full term? So, what you’re telling me is that you denied a mother the chance to hold and bond with her baby? You decided my fate?”

“I did all that for you,” Sister Blake responded. “For your well-being.”

“So you denied my brother and I the chance to grow up with our little sister?” Cosima asked. “You turned happy little triplets into bitter twins. You practically turned our mother’s world upside down. Do you know she mourned Sara’s death, even though she never saw her for a few seconds?”

“Who the hell are you?” Sister Blake asked.

“I’m the baby who came out last, after my mother dosed off thinking my brother was a still born,” Cosima responded. “I’m Cosima, and you’re too dumb and blind to even realise I’m not the baby you stole. You can’t even see that I don’t have dimples or a mark on my nose.”

On hearing that, Sister Blake took out her phone to look at Crystal’s picture one more time. When she realised that she had been busy incriminating herself, she freaked out a little, but she then calmed herself down when she realised that there was no tangible evidence that Cosima could provide.

“You going to rat me out?” Sister Blake asked. “It’s going to be your word against mine.”

“Oh, I have evidence,” Cosima said while taking out her phone and saving the recording.

“You little rat,” Sister Blake said. “One of us is going to go out of this bathroom in a coffin, and it sure as hell not going to be me.” She then rushed to the door, which swung open right before she could lock it.

As the door swung open, Crystal’s face appeared, and the words that escaped Sister Blake’s mouth were “Oh my God.”


Tell us: What do you think should happen to public servants like Sister Blake who use their jobs to ruin people’s lives and make money for themselves?