The hospital was a 10 minutes’ drive from the fair, so by the time Crystal decided to ask questions, they were already at the casualty side of the hospital. When the administration part of Tony’s consultation was almost done, Cosima realised that she did not have the consultation fee.

“My mom is on her way here, so can you please help my brother, you’ll receive the payment later,” Cosima asked.

“I’m afraid that’s not possible mam,” the admin clerk responded.

“Don’t worry about the bill, I’ll settle it,” Crystal said, already taking out her bank card. “Do you have a speed point?”

“Of course,” the admin clerk responded while taking the card from Crystal.

While Crystal was taking care of the bill, Cosima went to sit with her brother. After a few minutes, a doctor came in and took Tony away on a gurney into a consulting room. He then examined him before asking the people who looked to him like identical twins what had happened.

“Twins?” Dr Smith asked while looking at Crystal and Cosima. “Well, I’m Dr Smith,” he continued before Crystal and Cosima responded.

After the doctor introduced himself, Cosima responded yes to the question he asked, and Crystal responded no.

“Long story,” Crystal eventually said while looking at the doctor with a smirk.

“What is going on with our brother?” Cosima asked.

“It’s just shock,” Dr Smith responded. “He’ll wake up soon. May I ask what happened?”

In response, Cosima and Crystal talked at the same time. Casima said “he saw something he’s never seen before,” while Crystal said “he saw me and called …”

In response, the doctor looked at them in a very strange way, then left.

“What was that?” Crystal asked.

“Shut up,” Cosima responded.

While the two girls were talking, the admin clerk shouted. “Miss Crystal Maslany, please come to the window.”

Cosima turned to look in the direction of the calling clerk, and while she was doing that, Crystal looked in the other direction to grab a purse from her handbag.

In one of the rooms in the hospital, Sister Blake heard the admin clerk calling Miss Crystal Maslany, and knew it had to be the baby she had once stolen and sold. Mrs Maslany was keeping her on the loop about Crystal’s progress, and she even had recent photos of her. She then came out of the room she was in with the speed of light, and the first thing her eyes landed on was Cosima’s face. She then rushed to her, grabbed her hand and walked with her into the nearest bath room.

“You shouldn’t be here,” Sister Blake said. “Your mother cannot know you’re here. She’ll freak out.”

While talking, Sister Blake was opening all the doors in each stall to make sure there was no one there to hear them. That gave Cosima little shivers, and Sister Blake could see it.

“Oh my God Crystal, you don’t know anything,” Sister Blake said. “Your mother never told you.”

“I’m not Crystal,” Cosima responded. “And what are you talking about?”

“Don’t play dumb with me,” Sister Blake said. “I have pictures of you growing up. Your mother has been updating me on your progress. I was there when you were born. I know you.”

While talking, Sister Blake showed Cosima a picture of Crystal in her phone. It then registered in Cosima’s head that the naïve sister was about to unveil secrets. She then took out her phone pretending to call her mom. That was when Sister Blake stopped her by taking her phone and putting it back in her handbag. She then looked in the other direction, and paced up and down while scratching her head.


Tell us: Do you think Sister Blake will reveal the secret about how she Sara sold to Cosima?