March holidays began and Lindo was going to be in Pietermaritzburg. To many, Luthando and Sfiso’s love was covert. Luthando was madly, madly in love with Sfiso though. They had been dating for more than a month now, but Sfiso had never asked her to pay him a visit at home. Could that mean he was not there for sex? Luthando asked herself. If Sfiso’s love was real then there was no need to keep Lindo but Luthando still wasn’t sure if Sfiso’s love was real.

Lindo took Luthando to Howick where DR. Nelson Mandela was captured. This was a beautiful place; the view of Howick Falls was amazing. They both took their time to enjoy themselves there.

“You know, Lu. I don’t know what on earth I’d do without you. You mean everything to me,” Lindo said as he looked at his amazingly beautiful girlfriend.

Luthando sighed, she became sentimental. After what seemed like a long pause she replied.

“Thank you Lindo for loving me, you really are amazing. It’s just that sometimes…” Luthando could not bring herself to continue with her sentence. She decided not to tell him what she was about to tell him.

“Sometimes what?” Lindo asked curiously.

“Never mind,” she said.

Lindo accepted that flimsy response trying to shun an argument. He just kept touching her sleek face and she seemed to be amused by that. Luthando tried to focus on the day and on Lindo and nothing else.

Indeed the day started being sensational. Lindo was serene and so were the Howick Falls. Love like this is seldom, Luthando thought to herself. She was having a good time out there. She became self-assured that she can keep them both because she loved them both but she loved Sfiso more.

Lindo was sweet but there was an irresistible impudence about Sfiso. Their characters were almost the same. Luthando had a wonderful time with Lindo. March holidays were not long so soon Lindo would have to go back to Durban.

Soon came and Lindo was gone. But his relationship with Luthando was still strong, or so it seemed to him.

Sfiso finally did ask Luthando to pay him a visit at home. Luthando went there, she was still a virgin and she was proud of that. She was not rueful about it at all. Sfiso was resourceful; he made that day special. From the type of music he chose to his movie selection, the meal he chose and a day he chose.

It was a cold and wet Saturday – what some romantic weather. Sfiso was so intense making it difficult for Luthando to resist. He was vibrant. He gave his best to everything he did and it was almost as if he could read Luthando’s mind because she loved everything he did.

She trembled as she basked on the sofa. The only fear she had at that moment was losing him. For the first time she doubted if she really did deserved him. They ate and chatted. It was fun and time was running fast.

The moment Luthando was worried about finally came. When Sfiso kissed her it felt like she wouldn’t stop. When she touched him it felt like she wouldn’t stop and when he touched her she didn’t want him to stop. He kissed her ever so gently, and he touched her so, as if he was trained to touch a girl, to kiss her.

Luthando didn’t really want to have sex that day but Sfiso made her feel like she wanted to. As Sfiso was kissing her, licking her from her ears to her neck, Luthando responded to everything. But then he stopped.

Luthando could not believe he had stopped. She realized that she wanted him to continue but she couldn’t do anything with him stopping. She was enjoying being loved and romanced even though her mind would momentarily dash off to worry about pregnancy and other things. She was disappointed and relived that he had stopped.

“It was nice to have you around,” Sfiso said getting off from the couch. “It’s getting late now and I should get you home before your parents start worrying.” Sfiso said the words smiling.

Luthando could still not believe what was happening. Could Sfiso really be true? Could his love be true? Yes his love is true or else why did he stop? Luthando kept asking herself these questions. She finally came to one conclusion: Sfiso loved her, truly.


Tell us: What do you think of Sfiso’s intensions? Does it prove that he loves Luthando that he stopped?