I woke up feeling tired and checked my phone; I was running late. I rushed to the shower and got dressed while eating. I took my bag and took off. Twenty minutes later, I was at work.

“Morning Nina; anything for me?” I asked breathing heavily.

“Someone never slept home,” she said giggling.

“I overslept hey…” I paused.

“I see! Ohh here,” she handed over a bunch of pink flowers.

“Are you sure these are mine?” I was surprised.

“Isn’t the only Lue here you? Who are those flowers from? I can see the card too, aren’t you going to read it?”

“No thanks,” I headed to my office.

I took a seat and opened the card.

I know you weren’t expecting this from me. I was wondering if we can go out tonight, please. Banzi.

I knew what that meant so I decided to text him.

Good morning. I got the flowers, so lovely, thank you but I am afraid I cannot make it tonight, am sorry.

OH don’t be sorry. I should have asked you how busy you are before proposing

Yes, and again I am sorry maybe some other time

I would love that trust me.

Then we are sorted, anyway I have to get back to work

OK, OK, here is one more thing…


You can trust me.

It felt like a fireball was surrounding the entire office. I was extremely hot, my heart was racing, I turned on the air conditioner and I felt like drinking water. There was a knock on the door.

“Come in,” I called out.

“Good morning Lue, are you OK?”

“Sure Zack, why wouldn’t I be?” I falsified a smile.

“OK, if you say so. I wanted to remind you that the next case is yours,”

“Yes, thank you man,” I said drinking more water.

“You sure you are OK? I mean if you need anything I am here.”

“I’m fine Zack, don’t worry about me.”

“OK, I’m leaving then,” he said shutting the door.

The case did not take as long as I expected. Elizabeth was granted her job back so everything was back to normal. I finished sending emails for next week’s report and signed off. Walking down the street with my mind repeating, “you can trust me”, I got home, threw myself on my bed and I was out.

I woke up and checked the time, it was 20:00. My head was spinning and my body was heavy. A hot shower was the first thing I took and I felt better. I made myself a hot cup of coffee and checked my phone. I had two voicemails, 3 missed calls and one message. They were all from Banzi.

I texted

Hey, I passed out and lost track of time.

Thank goodness you’re OK, don’t you ever do that to me again. You sure you are OK?

Yes! I am fine, don’t worry, I’m just a bit overwhelmed.

I don’t want to lose you OK?

To lose me? I was astonished.

Yes, yes, Lue. I don’t want to lose you, can we please go out tonight please… I can’t hold it anymore. Please say yes please…

OK, OK, OK, don’t beg like that

Thank you, can I please get your address?

91 Russell Street, City Life building.

I’m on my way.

Then there came the problem: what to wear? I searched and searched and I couldn’t find a proper outfit. I took my late mother’s advice: “You rock in black darling”. I went for black skinny jeans, a long black long sleeve shirt, a black biker leather jacket and black half boots. My phone beeped, it was him.

I’m here, can’t wait to see you…

Coming in a minute

Even an hour, I don’t mind as long as I’m going to see you.

I took my bag and went off. I saw his car parked beside the road and he recognised me and got out the car to open the door for me.

“Evening beautiful and wow you look stunning in black,” he leaned to kiss my cheek and opened the door for me.

“Thanks and you don’t look bad yourself,” I responded assertively. He got in the car, smiled at me and started the engine and we drove off.


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